Sur La Table SodaStream Exchange: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a SodaStream fan looking for an easy way to refill your carbon dioxide canister? Look no further than the SodaStream exchange program!

Whether you’re shopping at Kohl’s, Target, or Rite Aid, you can easily swap out your empty SodaStream canister for a full one. Plus, many locations offer competitive sodastream refill prices.

Not sure where to exchange your canister? We’ve got you covered! With so many stores offering the exchange program, there’s sure to be a convenient location near you. You can even search for nearby exchange locations with the “SodaStream exchange near me” feature on the official SodaStream website.

Wondering if Target offers SodaStream exchanges? The answer is yes! Many Target stores participate in the exchange program, but be sure to double-check before you go. Not all locations carry the full range of Sodastream products and services.

If you’re still not sure where to exchange your canister or whether you can exchange SodaStream cylinder in the store, don’t worry. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about the SodaStream exchange program, including where to exchange sodastream tanks and what to look for. Let’s dive in!

Sur La Table SodaStream Exchange: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a SodaStream user who needs to exchange your empty carbon dioxide cylinder for a new one? Look no further than Sur La Table! Here’s everything you need to know about their SodaStream exchange program.

What is Sur La Table

Sur La Table is a retail store specializing in high-quality kitchen cookware and tools. They have over 130 stores across the United States and offer an extensive range of products, including SodaStream machines and accessories.

How Does the SodaStream Exchange Program Work at Sur La Table

The SodaStream exchange program at Sur La Table is straightforward. You bring in your empty cylinder, and they give you a new one in exchange. No need to purchase a new machine or pay for a refill service.

How Much Does It Cost

The price for a SodaStream exchange at Sur La Table varies depending on your location. On average, it costs $15-$20, which is competitive compared to other retailers and online services.

Why Choose Sur La Table for Your SodaStream Exchange

There are many reasons to choose Sur La Table for your SodaStream exchange over other options. Firstly, it’s convenient – you can exchange your cylinder in-store. Secondly, you’ll receive a brand new cylinder, ensuring the best performance from your SodaStream machine. Finally, Sur La Table has a reputation for excellent customer service, so you can expect a seamless experience.

In conclusion, Sur La Table is an excellent option for SodaStream users needing to exchange their CO2 cylinder. The process is quick, easy, and affordable, making it a hassle-free experience. Plus, Sur La Table is a trusted retailer with a focus on customer service, so you can feel confident in your purchase. So, head to your nearest Sur La Table store for your next SodaStream exchange!

Sodastream Refill Price: How Much Does it Cost

If you’re someone who enjoys making sparkling water or soda using a SodaStream sparkling water maker, you’re probably familiar with the need to exchange your CO2 canisters regularly. But how much does it cost to refill or exchange your Sodastream canister?

The Price of a Sodastream Refill

The cost of a Sodastream refill varies depending on where you go. You can visit a Sodastream retailer near you, or you can exchange your canister through an online retailer. At Sur La Table, you can expect to pay around $15 for an exchange or refill of your 60L CO2 canister. Alternatively, you can also purchase a new canister for around $30.

Consider Buying a Spare Canister

Most Sodastream users find that they go through their CO2 canister quickly, especially if they use it frequently or entertain guests regularly. To avoid running out of CO2 gas when you need it most, it’s a good idea to purchase a spare canister to have on hand, so you always have one available for an exchange when your current one runs out.

Are There Any Discounts Available

It’s worth checking if there are any deals or discounts available on Sodastream refills. Some retailers offer loyalty programs that allow you to earn points with each additional purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts on future exchanges or refills.

In summary, the cost of exchanging or refilling your Sodastream CO2 canister varies depending on the retailer and location. Sur La Table is one of the most popular retailers for Sodastream exchanges, and you can expect to pay around $15 for a 60L canister refill. Consider purchasing a spare canister and look out for any discounts or deals to help save money in the long run. With this in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite sparkling beverages without worrying about running out of gas.

Kohl’s and Sodastream Exchange

Are you a Kohl’s fan? Well, good news! You can exchange your Sodastream CO2 canisters at Kohl’s. It’s yet another store that offers this convenience to its customers. Not to mention, if you have a Kohl’s card, you can rack up some sweet rewards by doing so!

How it Works

If you’re new to the Sodastream game, you’ll need to purchase the exchange-worthy canister first. Head over to Kohl’s and get the 60L canister that comes with a $15 Kohl’s Cash® coupon. That pretty much covers the exchange fee, yay!

Once you have your empty canister, bring it to a participating Kohl’s store and exchange it for a full one. The exchange will cost you $14.99, but if you’re a Kohl’s Rewards member, you’ll get 5% back in Kohl’s Cash®. There’s a limit of two exchanges per day per customer.

Rewards Galore

As if Kohl’s didn’t have enough reasons to make us happy, they go and offer Sodastream exchanges too! But wait, there’s more! If you’re a Kohl’s cardmember, you get to earn 3X points every day when you exchange your CO2 canisters.

Being a Kohl’s cardmember means you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend at Kohl’s and for every exchange you make there. You can redeem those points for awesome rewards like free shipping, cash back, exclusive discounts, and more.

There you have it, folks, Kohl’s is yet another fantastic store that offers Sodastream exchanges for their customers. You can get your hands on a new carbonator at a great price while also earning rewards for doing so. Make sure to check with your local store to ensure they participate in the exchange program before heading out.

SodaStream Exchange Near Me

Are you in need of a SodaStream exchange but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people face the challenge of finding a SodaStream exchange outlet near them. Fortunately, there are several ways to locate one.

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

Start by checking the manufacturer’s website. The website typically provides a “store locator” feature that allows users to input their ZIP code and find the nearest store that carries SodaStream cartridges.

Search Online

If you don’t find a SodaStream exchange location on the manufacturer’s website, try searching online. Use relevant phrases such as “SodaStream exchange near me” or “Where to exchange SodaStream near me.” This should pull up a list of nearby stores that carry SodaStream products.

Big-Box Stores

Many prominent retail stores, such as Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond, carry SodaStream and offer exchange programs for used carbonators. You can check online or visit their stores to see if they offer such services.

Local Stores

Check out your local grocery stores or shops that specialize in kitchenware. They might carry SodaStream products and offer an exchange program for carbonators. These shops often provide a more convenient option than big-box stores as they are typically nearby and offer friendly customer service.

In conclusion, finding a SodaStream exchange location near you is not difficult. With a bit of research, you should be able to locate a store that offers exchange programs for carbonators. Whether you choose to go to a big-box store or shop at a local store, remember to check the manufacturer’s website first, search online, and read reviews to find a reliable provider.

Rite Aid’s Sodastream Exchange

If you’re looking to exchange your Sodastream CO2 canister, Rite Aid is another retail store that offers this service. And just like Sur La Table, it’s a quick and easy process.


You can find Rite Aid stores in almost every state, so there’s a good chance there’s one near you. Visit the Rite Aid website to find the nearest store to you.

Exchange Process

The exchange process at Rite Aid is similar to Sur La Table’s. Simply bring your empty Sodastream CO2 canister to the exchange counter and ask for a new one. You’ll need to pay for the refill, but the price may vary depending on your location. It’s always a good idea to call your local Rite Aid ahead of time to get the current price.

Benefits of Rite Aid’s Exchange Program

One major benefit of Rite Aid’s exchange program is the convenience factor. With so many locations across the country, it’s easy to find a store near you. Plus, the exchange process is quick and hassle-free, so you can get back to carbonating your favorite drinks in no time.

If you’re in need of a new Sodastream CO2 canister and have a Rite Aid nearby, their exchange program is definitely worth checking out. With so many locations and a quick and easy exchange process, it’s a great option for Sodastream users who want to keep their drinks carbonated at all times.

Where to Exchange Sodastream Tanks

Sodastream tanks are a convenient and eco-friendly way to make sparkling water and soda at home. However, eventually, you’ll need to exchange your empty tanks for new ones. Here are some options for where to exchange Sodastream tanks.

Sodastream’s CO2 Exchange Program

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to exchange Sodastream tanks is through their CO2 exchange program. Sodastream has partnered with various retailers to offer exchange services. Look for stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, and Target, where you can bring your empty Sodastream tank and exchange it for a full one right then and there.

Online Exchange

If you don’t have a physical store near you, Sodastream’s CO2 exchange program also includes an online option. You can order a new cylinder online and send your empty cylinder back in an exchange box. The box will include a prepaid shipping label, so all you need to do is drop it off at a UPS location.

Third-Party Exchange Programs

Apart from its own CO2 exchange program, Sodastream partners with third-party companies to provide exchange services. These companies include Soda Sense, KegWorks, and You can choose to use one of these third-party companies instead of Sodastream’s own program.

Local Retailers

Some local retailers that sell Sodastream products might offer their exchange services. Check with your local kitchen supply stores or hardware stores and ask them if they exchange Sodastream tanks.

In conclusion, exchanging Sodastream tanks is easy and convenient. If you have a Sodastream tank at home, you can exchange it in-store, online or with a third-party company. So, go ahead and enjoy bubbly drinks without worrying about running out of gas.

Does Target have SodaStream Exchange

If you’re looking for SodaStream exchange services, you might find yourself wondering whether or not Target has it. The good news is that, yes, Target offers SodaStream exchange services. Here’s what you need to know:

What is SodaStream Exchange

SodaStream Exchange is a program that allows you to exchange your used SodaStream carbonators for new ones at a discounted price. This saves you money and also has less of an environmental impact than just throwing away the old canister.

How Does Target’s SodaStream Exchange Work

To exchange your SodaStream carbonator at Target, simply bring your used canister to the customer service desk at a participating Target store. The cost of the exchange will depend on your location, and you may need to pay an additional fee if your carbonator is not in good condition.

Can You Exchange SodaStream Carbonators at Any Target Store

Not all Target stores offer SodaStream exchange services. However, you can check online to find a participating store near you.

Overall, if you’re looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to exchange your SodaStream carbonator, Target is a great option. Just make sure to check online to find a store near you that offers the program.

sur la table sodastream exchange

Can You Exchange Your SodaStream at Target

Are you wondering if you can exchange your SodaStream at Target? Good news! You can exchange your SodaStream CO2 canister in exchange for a new one at any Target store. And the process is pretty straightforward.

Check for Availability

Before heading to your nearest Target store to exchange your SodaStream CO2 canister, it’s best to check for availability first. You can call the store customer service or use Target’s website to know if your desired store has the SodaStream CO2 canisters in stock. The last thing you want is to go to the store only to be told that they don’t have any CO2 canisters left.

Bring Your Empty CO2 Canister

When going to the store to exchange your SodaStream CO2 canister, make sure to bring the empty canister with you. The store requires you to bring the empty canister for the exchange to be made. You also need to have your original receipt, so make sure not to throw it away when you buy a new SodaStream.

Find the Exchange Counter

Once at Target, proceed to the customer service counter and tell them that you’re there to exchange your SodaStream CO2 canister. The customer service representative will then direct you to the exchange counter.

Wait for Assistance

At the exchange counter, a store associate will attend to you. You will be asked to present your empty CO2 canister and the original receipt. The associate will then help you choose the correct size and exchange your empty CO2 canister for a new one. It’ll take just a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

Exchanging your SodaStream CO2 canister at Target is hassle-free. Make sure to bring the empty canister and original receipt and check for availability before going to the store. It’s always best to call ahead to avoid any unnecessary trips. Now, you can enjoy your freshly carbonated drinks again without worrying about running out of gas.

sur la table sodastream exchange

Which Targets Do the SodaStream Exchange

When it comes to exchanging your SodaStream canisters, you may be wondering which retailers accept them. Luckily, SodaStream has several partnerships with major retailers, making it easy to exchange your canisters.


One of the most popular retailers that accept SodaStream exchanges is Target. If you have a Target store near you, you can bring in your empty canister and exchange it for a full one. You can find the SodaStream exchange display near the kitchen appliances section.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Another major retailer that accepts SodaStream exchanges is Bed Bath & Beyond. They have a dedicated display for SodaStream, and you can exchange your empty canister for a full one there.


If you prefer to shop at Walmart, they also offer SodaStream exchanges. The display can usually be found near the kitchen appliances section, and you can easily exchange your empty canister for a full one.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another retailer that accepts SodaStream exchanges. Be sure to check their website or call your local store to confirm availability.


Lastly, Kohl’s is also a retailer that accepts SodaStream exchanges. They usually have a dedicated display for SodaStream products, and you can exchange your empty canister for a full one there.

Overall, there are several options for exchanging your SodaStream canisters, with major retailers such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Best Buy, and Kohl’s all accepting exchanges. So next time you run out of CO2, don’t fret, just head to one of these retailers and exchange it for a full one!

“Where Can I Exchange a Sodastream Canister?” – Find Out Here!

If you are a Sodastream owner, chances are you’ve found yourself asking the question, “Where can I exchange a Sodastream canister?” Unlike other popular kitchen appliances, Sodastream canisters aren’t readily available for replacement at your local grocery stores or kitchen supply shops. However, there are still a few options for Sodastream canister exchange.

Check Local Stores

While some grocery stores don’t offer Sodastream exchange programs, it’s still a good idea to check with your local stores first. Many local specialty stores and kitchen supply stores carry Sodastream products, including exchanges for carbon dioxide canisters. Additionally, some stores offer promotions and discounts for exchanging old canisters, so it’s worth checking out.

Sodastream’s Exchange Program

Of course, Sodastream has its own exchange program for carbon dioxide canisters. If you’re unable to find a local store that offers exchanges, Sodastream’s exchange program is your best option. Sodastream’s exchange program is available online and in-store, so it’s easy to access. All you need to do is to visit their website, order a replacement canister, and then exchange it with your empty canister. Alternatively, you can return the empty canister back to the store to exchange it for a new one.

sur la table sodastream exchange

Major Retailers

Some major retailers offer exchange programs as well. Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart usually have Sodastream exchange programs or have kiosks within the store where you can exchange your canisters. However, it’s best to check with your local store first to see if they carry Sodastream products or offer exchanges.

In conclusion, if you’re a Sodastream owner, there are not many options for exchanging its carbon dioxide canisters. However, with a little bit of research, you can still find some local stores and online retailers to replace your canister. Hopefully, this guide can help you answer the question, “Where can I exchange a Sodastream canister?”

Can I Exchange My SodaStream Cylinder in Store

If you’re a SodaStream lover, you know how important it is to have a spare cylinder on hand. However, sometimes you might find yourself with an empty one and in dire need of a new one. So, can you exchange your empty cylinder in store?

Yes, you can! One of the best things about SodaStream is the convenience of exchanging empty cylinders for full ones, and you can do this at many retail locations that carry SodaStream products.

sur la table sodastream exchange

Finding a Store Near You

To find a store near you that exchanges SodaStream cylinders, simply head to the SodaStream website. From there, you can use their store locator tool to search for retail locations that exchange cylinders in your area.

Once you’ve found a store, make sure to check their business hours and the specific SodaStream products they carry. This way, you can ensure they have a cylinder available for exchange and that they’re open during a convenient time for you.

Tips for Exchanging Your Cylinder

When you’re ready to exchange your empty cylinder, make sure to bring it with you to the store. This is important because some retailers will not accept exchanges without the cylinder.

Also, be aware that in some cases, you may need to pay a deposit on the exchanged cylinder if you don’t already have a spare one to hand in. This deposit is usually refunded when you bring back the cylinder for your next exchange.

Overall, the ability to exchange an empty cylinder for a full one in-store is one of the key benefits of owning a SodaStream. With the convenience of being able to find a nearby store and the ease of the exchange process, you’ll never have to worry about running out of sparkling water again.

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