What Is The Price Of Barbeque Nation?

Available Coupons Here’s another reason to visit Barbeque Nation this Monday Tuesday – unlimited, delicious grills at special prices for lunch and dinner (taxes applicable).

Which day is Barbeque Nation cheapest?

Available Coupons Here’s another reason to visit Barbeque Nation this Monday Tuesday – unlimited, delicious grills at special prices for lunch and dinner (taxes applicable).

What is the price of Barbeque Nation in Nashik?

₹1400 (approx.) for two at Barbeque Nation, Nashik.

Who owns Barbeque Nation in India?

The promoters of Barbeque Nation Hospitality are Sayaji Hotels, Sayaji Housekeeping Services, Kayum Dhanani, Raoof Dhanani and Suchitra Dhanani Promoter and promoter group’s shareholding stood at 47.80 percent and the rest is held by public shareholders.

How do I get a discount on BBQ Nation?

Barbeque Nation has started a new loyalty program called Smile Club. Using this, users get 5% points (called smiles) on the amount spent with each booking. These points can be used on your next visit to get additional discounts. Each Smile is equal to 1 Rupee. Users can also choose to gift smiles to other users.

Is Barbeque Nation halal in India?

Hey there, As per our company policy, we serve only halal meat.

Why Barbeque Nation is famous?

One of the leading casual dining chains in India, Barbeque Nation pioneered the concept of “over the table barbeque” live grills embedded in dining tables – allowing guests to grill their own barbecue’s right at their tables.

Who is Rizwan of Barbeque Nation?

Mr rizwan Shaikh – Board Director – Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd.

Is Barbeque Nation an Indian brand?

The Company is one of the few Indian companies in the organised Casual Dining Restaurant (CDR) segment to have the own in-house chef training school for development of new products. The Company has recently diversified into a second brand becoming the India franchisee of the American hamburger chain Johnny Rockets.

How do you celebrate your birthday in Barbeque Nation?

you can contact the manager whether one can bring cake from outside Otherwise if you inform them beforehand then they arrange a small cake free of cost and ensure celebration with an impromptu Birthday song..which is not bad.

Does BBQ Nation accept Sodexo?

Yes, of course accepted , but only price of 5000p is accepted.

What is happiness card in Barbeque Nation?

Happiness Card. Surprise your friends and family with the happiness card. Gift card with unlimited food, unlimited fun & unlimited celebrations only @ Barbeque Nation.

What is the difference between absolute barbecue and barbeque nation?

It’s another barbeque nation but with a different name They have some niche items available in non-veg menu to try for (like rabbit or octopus etc). Rest all is the same what you most would have already tried in Barbeque Nation.

Is BBQ IPO worth buying?

The IPO price band of Rs 498-500 per share, at double the pre-IPO allotment price, is not justified by any fundamental change in the business. Buying fast growing, loss making businesses at the time of IPO is an extremely risky bet for retail investors.

Is Paytm accepted in Barbeque Nation?

Valid at Barbeque Nation outlets Click here to check the store list.

How do you smile on a BBQ?

Reserve a table with the same number you used to create an account for Barbeque Nation Enjoy a lovely meal with delicious grills, main course and desserts. Pay your bill as you like, either online through our app or at the outlet and you will automatically be credited with smiles in your account.

How do I use Barbeque Nation e voucher?

How to Redeem. Visit the Barbeque Nation outlet to redeem the value of the Gift Card Open the Gift Card from the ‘My Orders’ section of the app or via mail (registered email id). Share the Gift Card with the cashier at the time of billing to redeem it.