10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters in 2023

Man, I’ll tell you what, we’ve become a bunch of convenience addicts these days. We don’t just want our favorite beats at our fingertips, we practically freak out if we can’t get ’em in a nanosecond! Guilty as charged, right?

And YouTube, that endless black hole of everything video, is a mecca to us music junkies. But what about when Wi-Fi is a no-show, or you just want your fave tunes off-grid and on-the-go? Suddenly YouTube to MP3 converters become the knights in shining armor.

These nifty little wizards let you sneak the sound out of YouTube videos and tuck it neatly into an ear-tickling MP3 file. You could be commuting, working out, or just chilling – having your kinky YouTube tracks handy in MP3 format is like carrying an instant party in your pocket!

But, holy smokes, there’s like a million of these converter doohickies out there, so how’s a dude or dudette supposed to pick the right one? Well, fear not dudes, ’cause I’ve been burning the midnight oil, and I’ve put together a hit list of the top 10 YouTube to MP3 converters that’ll blow your socks off – complete with mini rundowns of their features, plus some handy pros and cons. So plop down, grab a pop, and let’s groove into this thing.

1. YTMP3: The Speed Freak

Got the need for speed? YTMP3 is the Usain Bolt of YouTube MP3 converters, making quick work of big videos or multiple files.


  • Faster than a greased lightning
  • Cranks out batch conversions like nobody’s business
  • A user-interface any dummy could love


  • Only has a couple of output format tricks up its sleeve
  • Sometimes the sound quality gets a bit funky

2. OnlyMP3: The No-Nonsense Ninja

OnlyMP3: it’s just like it sounds, doing its thing without all the drama. Jam that YouTube video URL into the search box, pick your MP3 groovy-level, bash that “Convert” button, and blammo! MP3 file, at your service.


  • It’s a cinch to use, even for tech rookies
  • Mega-quick conversion
  • Pick your poison with MP3 quality


  • Missing some fancy options
  • Sorry, no mega batch conversion fun

3. Y2mate: The Jack of All Beats

Y2mate doesn’t just stick to MP3 – it speaks a bunch of lingos like M4A, WAV, and more. Want to get creative and chop up those monster videos? Y2mate’s got your back!


  • Speaks a bunch of file formats
  • Splits video like an atom
  • Goodies include batch conversions


  • Dragging its feet a bit on slower connections
  • A bit ad-happy at times

4. Kapwing: The Artist at Work

Kapwing gets down like Picasso, offering a buffet of video editing before you download the MP3. You can do pretty much anything – trim, add text, and even slap on filters.


  • Packed with video editing tools
  • Supports a variety of output formats
  • Batch conversion? Check!


  • Overloads newbies with tools
  • Free version has a serious case of FOMO

5. Online Video Converter: The Web Wizard

Onlinevideoconverter in your browser, therefore forget about downloading and installing! Easy to use and compatible with most browsers.


  • No annoying downloads, works on the web
  • Smooth interface for digital goofballs
  • Multilingual in file formats


  • Conversion speed is a slowpoke
  • Got an annoying ad fetish

6. ClipGrab: The Across-Board Master

ClipGrab sits on your desktop and plays nice with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s a bit more robust than web things, pulling in and converting videos from all over the web.


  • Goes everywhere your PC or Mac does
  • Not selfish, grabs videos from many sources
  • Loves hanging out with lots of files at once


  • May throw a tantrum on older machines
  • Sometimes plays naughty tricks

7. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe: The Pro’s Secret Weapon

Don’t let ‘deluxe’ fool you – WinX does charge a fee. However, it’s loaded with goodies like video editing, DVD burning, and screen recording. The Swiss army knife for tech-heads!


  • Jam-packed with awe-inspiring tools
  • Handles almost any output format you throw at it
  • Ready and eager for batch converting


  • Say ‘ta-ta’ to your pocket money
  • Pro-level tools can give newbies a headache

8. MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter: Specialized Sorcerer

MediaHuman does one thing, and it does it well – turns YouTube videos into MP3s. Fast and distraction-free, it’s a straight shooter.


  • Speedy YouTube to MP3 muncher
  • Uber user-friendly
  • Multiple MP3 quality choices


  • Installation necessary
  • Ain’t for free

9. DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 Converter: Old is Gold

DVDVideoSoft is like an old friend – reliable, familiar and doesn’t try to impress you with spangly things. Simple but solid, it’s got your back.


  • Easy usage for dummies
  • Unfailingly steady and trustworthy
  • Different MP3 quality levels on demand


  • Advanced functions, need not apply
  • Just can’t resist the occasional ad

10. Any Video Converter Free: The Master of All Trades

Convert to MP3? Check. MP4? Check. AVI? WMV? Check, check. Any Video Converter plays nice with almost anything you throw at it, making it the ultimate universal translator.


  • Dances beautifully with a ton of formats
  • Basic video editing for spontaneous creators
  • Loves mass conversion


  • Slow-n-steady on older computers
  • A noir-style fetish for ad pop-ups

How To Find Your MP3 Soulmate: A Quick Guide

With all these über-cool options, how do you find ‘the one’? Well, play the field a bit, keeping in mind these things:

  • User-friendliness: For the tech-clueless, a simple interface is the key.
  • Features: More features mean more fun, but too many could scare you off!
  • Speed: Videos out of a snail’s pace? Lay hands on a speedy converter.
  • Compatability: OLD is not always GOLD, get one that gels with your device.
  • History: Well, a clean reputation, a good flare in the market matters!

Wrap Up – The Show Must Go On

Formally a watcher, now a listener! Get your YouTube groove on the move! These fab converters make it a cakewalk to have your adored songs offline, whenever and wherever. Go ahead, play around with these options, and most importantly, enjoy your self-curated music library. Groove on and convert away!

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