The Rise and Fall of Basic Outfitters: A Tale of Business Boom and Bust

In the world of fashion, a brand can rise to fame almost overnight with the right marketing strategy. Basic Outfitters is one such brand that became popular for its innovative approach to wardrobe essentials. The company made headlines when it secured an investment deal on ‘Shark Tank’, a popular TV show, in 2016. Founded by Laura and Michael Dweck, the brand aimed to provide affordable and stylish clothing and underwear for men and women.

Despite achieving initial success and garnering a strong following, Basic Outfitters struggled to keep up with the competition. Their focus on direct-to-consumer sales was dented by an increase in Amazon’s market dominance, which became a significant problem for the brand. Shoppers could easily purchase similar items on Amazon, and Basic Outfitters struggled to stand out from the crowd.

The decline in sales led to the brand shutting down its website in 2020, leaving many wondering where they could get their favorite clothing and underwear items. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into what led to the downfall of Basic Outfitters. We will also explore the aftermath of its closure and answer some frequently asked questions about the brand’s net worth and how they fared after appearing on Shark Tank. So, let’s dive into the rise and fall of Basic Outfitters.

Basic Outfitters Amazon

As Basic Outfitters announced their closure, customers are looking for alternative options. One platform that has become increasingly popular among shoppers is Amazon. Here’s everything you need to know about Basic Outfitters Amazon:

The basics of Basic Outfitters on Amazon

  • Basic Outfitters initially launched on Amazon in 2019.
  • A variety of Basic Outfitters’ products are available on Amazon, including socks, underwear, and loungewear.
  • By selling on Amazon, Basic Outfitters was able to reach a wider audience and compete with larger brands.

Why customers prefer Basic Outfitters on Amazon

  • Amazon offers fast and free shipping for Prime members, making it convenient for shoppers who need basic essentials quickly.
  • Customers have access to a wider variety of Basic Outfitters’ products on Amazon compared to the brand’s own website.
  • Amazon’s strict return policy ensures that customers receive quality products, which instills trust in the brand.

How Basic Outfitters’ closure affects their Amazon customers

  • Customers who regularly purchased from Basic Outfitters on Amazon can still find their products from third-party sellers.
  • However, some customers may be hesitant to purchase from third-party sellers due to concerns about the authenticity of these products. It’s important to carefully read reviews and do research before buying from a third-party seller on Amazon.
  • Basic Outfitters’ closure may have a negative impact on their existing Amazon customer base, but it also presents an opportunity for other basic apparel brands to step up and fill the gap in the market.

In conclusion, Basic Outfitters’ presence on Amazon has been a convenient option for shoppers in need of basic essentials. While their closure may have caused some inconvenience for their Amazon customers, there are still alternative options available. It will be interesting to see how the basic essentials market on Amazon will evolve in the wake of Basic Outfitters’ closure.

Basic Outfitters Website

Basic Outfitters was once a popular clothing brand known for their affordable and customizable apparel. Unfortunately, the company has recently gone out of business – a sad ending for a brand that had such a loyal following. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the Basic Outfitters website and what made it so unique.

Customizable Clothing at Your Fingertips

One of the reasons why Basic Outfitters stood out among other clothing brands was their website. Here are a few things that made it unique:

  • Easy to Use: The website was simple, clean, and easy to navigate. You could easily browse through different categories of clothing and find what you were looking for.
  • Customizable Options: The website allowed customers to customize their clothing by choosing colors, patterns, and styles. This was a great feature for those who wanted to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality.
  • Bundles: Basic Outfitters also sold clothing in bundles, which allowed customers to purchase multiple items at once while saving money.

The Downfall of Basic Outfitters

basic outfitters out of business

Unfortunately, even with all the great features of their website, Basic Outfitters couldn’t stay afloat. Here are some of the reasons why they went out of business:

  • Lack of Marketing: Basic Outfitters didn’t invest enough in marketing their brand, which made it difficult to reach new customers and expand their fanbase.
  • Competition: With so many clothing brands on the market, Basic Outfitters faced tough competition. They weren’t able to keep up with big-name brands and the ever-changing fashion industry.
  • Financial Struggles: The most significant factor that led to the company’s downfall was not being able to generate enough revenue to cover their expenses. They also faced financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which many businesses worldwide also experienced.

It’s sad to see Basic Outfitters go out of business, especially when their website had so many unique features. However, their story serves as a cautionary tale for other businesses to learn from. It’s essential to invest in marketing, stay updated on industry trends, and keep your finances in check. Hopefully, this section gave you a glimpse of what made Basic Outfitters’ website stand out and why they were well-loved by so many.

Where to Find Basic Outfitters Products

Basic Outfitters have unfortunately gone out of business. However, if you’re wondering where you can still purchase their products, keep reading for some helpful tips:

Check Third-Party Sellers

Although Basic Outfitters themselves may no longer be in business, their products may still be available through third-party sellers. Check out websites like Amazon or eBay to see if any of their products are still listed for sale.

Look for Alternatives

If you can’t find the exact Basic Outfitters product you’re looking for, consider looking for alternatives instead. There are plenty of other brands out there that sell similar products, so do a bit of research to see what else is out there.

Try Discount Stores

Some discount stores may still have Basic Outfitters products in stock. Places like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s often sell overstock from other retailers, so you might have some luck finding what you’re looking for there.

Explore Secondhand Options

Another option is to search for Basic Outfitters products on secondhand marketplaces like Poshmark or Mercari. You may be able to find gently used items for a fraction of the cost.

Reach Out to the Company

If you’re really set on finding a specific Basic Outfitters product, it may be worth reaching out to the company directly. While they may not be able to provide you with the exact item you’re looking for, they could potentially offer you something similar.

While it’s certainly disappointing that Basic Outfitters have gone out of business, there are still plenty of ways to find their products if you really want them. Whether you check third-party sellers, explore alternatives, or reach out to the company directly, don’t give up hope just yet!

Basic Outfitters: What’s Their Net Worth

If you’re a fan of Basic Outfitters, you might be curious about the brand’s financial status. After all, news of their bankruptcy filing may have left you wondering what’s going on with the company. In this section, we’ll dig into basic questions regarding the net worth of Basic Outfitters and what led to their financial troubles.

How Much is Basic Outfitters Worth

As of 2021, Basic Outfitters is worth an estimated $2 million. This might sound like an impressive amount, but it’s a far cry from the $bf4 million valuation that the company held in 2017. Unfortunately, several factors have contributed to the decline in the brand’s net worth.

What Led to Basic Outfitters Decline

There are a few key reasons why Basic Outfitters has struggled financially in recent years. The most significant factor is likely the company’s overreliance on a single revenue stream. Basic Outfitters was heavily dependent on wholesale vendors like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and others to sell their products. Unfortunately, when these vendors began to reduce their orders or move away from Basic Outfitters, it left the brand in a precarious position.

Another major contributor to the brand’s decline is the rise of e-commerce. Basic Outfitters has struggled to keep up with digital-native brands that have mastered the art of e-commerce. Without a significant online presence, Basic Outfitters has missed out on a significant amount of revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Basic Outfitters is currently worth an estimated $2 million
  • The brand was previously valued at $4 million in 2017
  • Basic Outfitters overrelied on wholesale vendors, which led to a decline in revenue
  • The rise of e-commerce has hurt Basic Outfitters by reducing their ability to compete with digital-native brands.

In Conclusion

Although Basic Outfitters has struggled financially in recent years, there is reason to be optimistic about the brand’s future. With a renewed focus on e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales, they have a real opportunity to turn things around. It might take time and effort, but Basic Outfitters could still reclaim their position as a leading provider of basics clothing.

How is Basic Outfitters doing after Shark Tank

After appearing on the hit show “Shark Tank,” Basic Outfitters seemed poised for success. They received an investment from Kevin O’Leary and seemed to be on track for big things. However, despite this initial success, things haven’t gone quite as well as the founders may have hoped.

Here’s a rundown of how Basic Outfitters has been doing since their appearance on the show:


One of the most significant changes that Basic Outfitters has undergone since appearing on Shark Tank is a rebrand. In 2019, the company changed its name to New Basics and began focusing more on sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

Loss of Momentum

basic outfitters out of business

Unfortunately, Basic Outfitters seems to have lost some of the momentum it gained after appearing on Shark Tank. Despite their rebrand, the company has struggled to gain traction and expand its customer base.

Closure and Bankruptcy

In 2020, news broke that Basic Outfitters was closing its flagship store in New York City. While the company remained operational online, this was a significant blow to their business. In early 2021, reports also surfaced that the company had filed for bankruptcy.

What Went Wrong

So, what happened to Basic Outfitters? While it’s challenging to pinpoint a single cause for the company’s struggles, there are a few factors that likely contributed:

  • Lack of brand awareness: Despite its appearance on Shark Tank, Basic Outfitters never quite achieved the level of brand awareness needed to sustain its growth.
  • Competition: The clothing market is incredibly competitive, and Basic Outfitters faced many established brands with loyal followings.
  • Failure to pivot quickly enough: While the rebrand to New Basics was a positive step, it may have come too late to save the company from its downward trajectory.

Key Takeaways

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, there are a few key takeaways from Basic Outfitters’ story:

  • Brand awareness is crucial: No matter how great your product is, you need people to know about it.
  • Be prepared to pivot: The market can change quickly, and you need to be willing to adapt to stay relevant.
  • Don’t rely on a single source of investment: While appearing on Shark Tank can be a great opportunity, it’s essential to have other sources of funding and revenue streams.

While it’s always sad to see a small business struggle, there are lessons to be learned from Basic Outfitters’ story. By understanding what went wrong, entrepreneurs can make smarter decisions and set themselves up for success.

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