The Fascinating World of Harvey Moscot and MOSCOT Glasses

If you’re a glasses enthusiast, then you would undoubtedly have heard of MOSCOT and its iconic piece, the MOSCOT LEMTOSH. Yet, have you ever wondered about the brand’s story and who is behind its success?

Enter Harvey Moscot, the fourth-generation owner of MOSCOT. The brand has been around since 1915 when Hyman Moscot set up a pushcart in New York selling ready-made glasses. The business grew, and MOSCOT became a household name, renowned for its distinct aesthetic and quality.

MOSCOT has thrived in a highly competitive industry by staying true to its roots and providing exceptional eyewear. But quality comes at a price, which begs the question – is MOSCOT a luxury brand? And why are MOSCOT glasses so expensive?

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Harvey Moscot’s journey and explore what makes MOSCOT’s eyewear so special. We’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the brand, like where MOSCOT glasses are made and whether they truly live up to the hype.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a journey to discover the compelling story of Harvey Moscot and MOSCOT glasses.

Harvey Moscot: An Eyewear Icon

Moscot has become an iconic figure in the eyewear industry, with his name associated with the best and most stylish glasses. Established in 1915, Moscot has stayed relevant throughout the shift of fashion trends and technology in the eyewear industry.

The Early Years of Harvey Moscot

Harvey Moscot, born in 1931, was introduced into the family business at the tender age of 15 years. He worked alongside his father and grandfather, refining and mastering the artistry of eyewear craftsmanship.

Moscot’s Influence on the Eyewear Industry

Moscot’s influence on the eyewear industry can’t be overstated. He was a true visionary and an industry leader, credited with the creation of timeless sunglass designs like the Lemtosh, Zolman, and Oygen. All of these glasses feature a classic and stylish design made of high-quality materials.

Moscot’s Legacy

Despite Harvey Moscot passing away in 2019, his legacy continues to live on. The brand still produces glasses with the same intricate, handmade craftsmanship that began over a century ago. Moscot has left a lasting impression on the eyewear industry, and his designs continue to inspire new generations of eyewear enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Harvey Moscot has undoubtedly left his mark on the eyewear industry. His designs have stood the test of time and continue to remain popular among the fashion-conscious. His legacy lives on, and Moscot is still one of the most respected and sought-after eyewear brands today.

Moscot Lemtosh: A Classic Piece of Eyewear

Moscot is a brand that needs no introduction in the world of eyewear. They have been designing and producing stylish and high-quality glasses since 1915. Moscot’s philosophy has always been to create timeless classics that can be passed down from generation to generation. One such classic is the Moscot Lemtosh.

A Brief History of the Moscot Lemtosh

The Moscot Lemtosh was first introduced in the 1950s and was an instant hit. It quickly became a cult classic and is still in high demand today. The Lemtosh is a slightly rounded, keyhole-shaped frame with slightly tapered temples. The frame is made of Italian acetate and comes in a variety of colors, including black, tortoiseshell, and crystal.

Why the Moscot Lemtosh is so Popular

The Moscot Lemtosh has become so popular because of its classic design and high-quality construction. The frame is made from top-grade acetate, and the lenses are made of high-quality optical glass. The Lemtosh is also incredibly comfortable to wear and fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

How to Style the Moscot Lemtosh

The Moscot Lemtosh is a versatile frame that can be dressed up or down. It pairs well with both casual and formal attire. The Lemtosh looks great with a leather jacket and jeans or a suit and tie. The best part about the Moscot Lemtosh is that it never goes out of style.

Where to Get a Pair of Moscot Lemtosh Glasses

Moscot glasses are not sold online, so the best way to get a pair is to visit one of their brick-and-mortar stores. Moscot has stores in New York City, Los Angeles, and London. They also have authorized retailers around the world. It’s best to try on a pair of Moscot Lemtosh glasses in person to ensure the perfect fit.

In conclusion, the Moscot Lemtosh is a timeless classic that has been popular for decades. It’s a versatile frame that looks great on everyone and pairs well with any outfit. Moscot is a brand that values quality over quantity, and their glasses are designed to last a lifetime. If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, the Moscot Lemtosh is definitely worth considering.

Harvey Moscotti: The Untold Story

Harvey Moscotti is a name that sends chills down the spines of anyone who has heard of it. For those who haven’t, buckle up because I’m about to take you on a wild ride as we unravel the untold story of Harvey Moscotti.

Who is Harvey Moscotti

Harvey Moscotti is a notorious criminal who has managed to evade the authorities for years. He is known for his involvement in a plethora of criminal activities ranging from drug trafficking to robbery. What makes him so dangerous is his ability to stay under the radar and his sharp wit in evading the law.

The Early Days

Harvey Moscotti was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in a poor family and had to hustle his way through life. He started with small petty crimes, which later escalated to more serious ones. By the time he was in his early twenties, he had already made a name for himself as a successful criminal.

The Rise to Infamy

With each successful criminal operation, Harvey Moscotti’s notoriety grew. He had managed to build a network of loyal criminals who would do anything for him. It wasn’t long before he became one of the most feared criminals in the city.

The Chase

The authorities had their sights on Harvey Moscotti for years, but he always seemed to slip through their fingers. He was always one step ahead of the law and had a knack for disappearing without a trace. The chase continued for years until one day; the authorities finally caught up with him.

The Fall

Harvey Moscotti was captured and charged with multiple counts of criminal activities. He was sentenced to life in prison, where he remains to this day. His name is still whispered in the criminal underworld as a reminder of the ruthless criminal who managed to evade the law for years.

Harvey Moscotti’s story is a reminder of the dangers that come with a life of crime. Despite his success as a criminal, he eventually fell, and justice caught up with him. It’s an excellent reminder that crime doesn’t pay, and no matter how smart you are, the law will catch up with you eventually.

Moscot Glasses: Price and Where to Buy

If you’re looking to buy a stylish and trendy pair of glasses that are both comfortable and affordable, then MOSCOT glasses should be on your list. With a wide range of designs, MOSCOT has become synonymous with quality eyewear and has been providing glasses to the fashion-conscious community for over 100 years. In this section, we shall take a look at the pricing of MOSCOT glasses and where to purchase them.

MOSCOT Glasses Price

MOSCOT glasses are priced around $200 per pair, on average. However, this price range may vary based on the model and type of lens selected. Some of the high-end models can cost more than $500, while the basic models can cost as low as $100. However, Moscot glasses are an investment, and their quality is worth the price. They are a great investment for those who prioritize both style and functionality.

Where to Buy MOSCOT Glasses

Now, the question is, where can you buy these glasses? You can find MOSCOT glasses both online and offline. In the current digital era, online stores provide an accessible platform to purchase them, and Moscot’s official site provides the easiest way to shop. However, MOSCOT has taken the comfort and satisfaction of its customers into account. MOSCOT glasses are available in plenty of regions across the world, such as the USA, Europe, and Asia. An extensive network of authorized dealers sells MOSCOT glasses, and a store can be located on the company’s website.

In conclusion, MOSCOT glasses are garments that blend fashion with functionality. They are an excellent choice for those who desire comfort, functionality, and elegant style. Further, MOSCOT has made purchasing glasses both easy and accessible, and their network of authorized dealers provides an excellent opportunity to experience in-person their finely crafted glasses.

Is MOSCOT a Luxury Brand

MOSCOT is a brand that carries a rich history and a reputation for quality and class. However, many people have debated whether MOSCOT is a luxury brand or not. In this subsection, we will explore and evaluate MOSCOT’s status as a luxury brand.

What Defines a Luxury Brand

To better understand whether MOSCOT can be categorized as a luxury brand, we first need to establish what a luxury brand means. A luxury brand is a product or service that is associated with high quality, exclusivity, and prestige. Such brands are known for their superior craftsmanship, use of premium materials, and unique designs. Additionally, luxury brands are positioned in the market as superior to their competitors and are usually priced at a premium.

MOSCOT as a Luxury Brand

MOSCOT’s reputation as a high-end brand is not only based on its quality products but also on its rich history and iconic designs. The company has been around since 1915, and their “Originals” collection features beautifully crafted glasses that have been worn by celebrities and fashion icons. MOSCOT does use premium materials, including acetate and titanium, in their frames. The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and timeless aesthetic is evident in every MOSCOT product.

Furthermore, MOSCOT’s pricing is on the higher side. While they do have a mid-range collection, their premium glasses are priced at a significant premium. This puts them in line with other luxury brands that offer similar quality products.

Based on the established criteria, MOSCOT can be considered a luxury brand. They offer high quality, exclusive products that have stood the test of time. Their history, superior craftsmanship, and iconic designs make them a unique brand and put them in the same class as other luxury eyewear brands.

In summary, MOSCOT offers premium products with a rich history and a reputation for excellence. They provide an experience that cannot be found in a lower-priced brand. If you’re looking for quality glasses that stand out from the pack, MOSCOT is an excellent choice.


MOSCOT is a historic eyewear brand that has been around for over a hundred years. The company’s unique heritage can be traced back to the founder Hyman Moscot, who immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe in 1899. Today, MOSCOT is still in the hands of the Moscot family, with the fourth and fifth generations leading the charge.

The Moscot Family

Harvey Moscot is the current CEO of MOSCOT. As the great-grandson of Hyman Moscot, Harvey grew up working in the family store and eventually took over as CEO in 1986. He has overseen the brand’s expansion into new markets, including Asia and Europe, while maintaining the company’s commitment to handmade quality and personalized service.

Along with Harvey, his son Zack Moscot is also heavily involved in the business. Zack serves as the company’s Chief Design Officer and has been instrumental in creating new frames that embody MOSCOT’s classic, yet modern aesthetic. The father-son duo has worked to keep the family legacy alive while staying at the forefront of the eyewear industry.

MOSCOT’s Legacy

MOSCOT’s history is deeply rooted in New York City. The company’s flagship store, located on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side, has been in operation since 1936 and has become a landmark in the neighborhood. In addition to the flagship store, MOSCOT has opened locations in London, Seoul, and Tokyo, expanding their reach while maintaining their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

The company’s success is due in part to their unique approach to eyewear. MOSCOT frames are known for their timeless design and durability, and each pair is handcrafted by skilled artisans. The brand has garnered a cult following among fashion-forward consumers who appreciate their attention to detail and commitment to authenticity.

In conclusion, MOSCOT is a family-owned business that has stood the test of time. The company’s success can be attributed to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, as well as their unique heritage and approach to eyewear. With Harvey Moscot at the helm and Zack Moscot by his side, the brand is poised to continue its legacy of handmade excellence for generations to come.

Where Are Moscot Glasses Made

When it comes to eyewear, people are becoming more curious about where their glasses are being made. This is especially important when it comes to choosing a reliable and high-quality brand like Moscot.

A History of Craftsmanship

For over 100 years, Moscot has been crafting their eyewear in New York City. The company has a rich history of producing some of the finest glasses around the world. The founder of Moscot, Hyman Moscot began crafting glasses from one pushcart on Orchard Street in 1915. In the 1920s he moved to a lower east side storefront and the business has remained at that location ever since.

Design and Quality

Moscot glasses are designed to last. From the quality of the materials to the timeless design, it’s no wonder their glasses are so coveted. The brand’s commitment to quality is truly impressive. Each pair of Moscot glasses is handcrafted using only the finest materials, designed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Made in America

One of the most significant selling points of Moscot glasses is that they are made in America. The company is proud to have all of its eyewear handcrafted by skilled artisans in their New York City workshop. Moscot has made a name for itself in the American eyewear industry, with fans from all around the world.

If you’re looking for high-quality eyewear that is made in America, look no further than Moscot. Their glasses are crafted with care, and they are a true testament to the company’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship. So the next time you’re shopping for glasses, consider Moscot – you won’t be disappointed!

Are MOSCOT Glasses High Quality

MOSCOT has been a renowned eyewear brand since 1915. But, what sets MOSCOT apart from other eyewear brands? Are their glasses high quality? Let’s explore!

The History of MOSCOT Glasses

MOSCOT has been in the eyewear industry for over 100 years. They have established themselves as a brand that provides quality products and exceptional customer service. Their timeless designs have been worn by celebrities and fashion icons, making MOSCOT a household name in the eyewear industry.

MOSCOT Glasses Materials

MOSCOT uses quality materials for their glasses, ensuring the durability and longevity of their products. The brand uses materials such as acetate, which is a plant-based material, and titanium, which is known for its strength and lightweight nature. These quality materials make MOSCOT glasses a worthwhile investment.

MOSCOT Glasses Design

MOSCOT has a unique way of designing their glasses. They pay attention to details that make their glasses stand out. From the shape of the frames to the color palette used, MOSCOT glasses exude elegance and sophistication. Even the MOSCOT logo on the side of their frames is a minimalistic yet iconic design.

MOSCOT Glasses Customer Reviews

If you are still in doubt about the quality of MOSCOT glasses, simply look at customer reviews. MOSCOT has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. People who wear MOSCOT glasses rave about the quality and design of their eyewear. MOSCOT’s customer service is also widely known as being exceptional, which adds to the overall positive experience of owning a pair of MOSCOT glasses.

In summary, MOSCOT glasses are high quality and worth the investment. With over 100 years of experience, MOSCOT has perfected the art of designing and producing glasses that are both fashionable and durable. Don’t just take our word for it, try a pair for yourself and see the difference!

Why Are MOSCOT Glasses So Expensive

MOSCOT glasses are undoubtedly stylish and iconic, but many people wonder why they come with such a hefty price tag. In this section, we’ll dive into the factors that contribute to the high cost of these designer glasses.

Quality Materials

First and foremost, MOSCOT glasses are made from premium materials that are carefully chosen for their durability, comfort, and style. The frames are constructed from high-quality acetate or metal, and the lenses are made from the finest optical glass. These materials not only look and feel great but are also designed to last for years.

Handmade Craftsmanship

Another reason why MOSCOT glasses are so expensive is that they are crafted by hand. Each pair of glasses is meticulously fashioned by skilled artisans who take pride in their work. From cutting and shaping the frames to fitting the lenses, every step of the process is done with great care and attention to detail.

Unique Designs

MOSCOT glasses are known for their distinctive and timeless designs. Their classic styles have been around for decades and still remain popular today. However, each pair of glasses also incorporates modern elements to keep up with fashion trends. The ingenuity and attention to detail that go into creating these designs are reflected in their price.

Brand Recognition

Lastly, MOSCOT is a well-respected and highly recognizable brand in the eyewear industry. They have a reputation for producing high-quality and fashionable glasses that are coveted by many. As with any luxury brand, the name recognition itself contributes to the perceived value of the product.

In summary, MOSCOT glasses are expensive because they are made from premium materials, crafted by hand, boast unique designs, and are associated with a reputable brand. While the price may seem daunting to some, the quality and craftmanship that goes into each pair of glasses make them worth the investment.

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