Is There A Monthly Fee For FTMO?

No, we don’t charge any additional or hidden fees. The fee for the ftmo challenge covers it all, including the Verification. There are absolutely no recurring fees with us

Does FTMO pay monthly?

FTMO will pay out up to 90% profit share on a monthly basis Periodically, we will allocate more balance into your FTMO Account if you consistently profit. Get paid and grow at the same time according to our Scaling Plan.

Is ftmo free to start?

After you sign up, we will offer you a Free Trial where you can try trading as if you were in the FTMO Challenge, and this is completely for free.

How much does FTMO fund your account?

Clients are entitled to up to 90% of profits generated on the FTMO Account. This solution is much administratively easier and gives us more freedom to actively manage risk. If you wish to trade with a higher account balance, you can simply apply for another FTMO Challenge and trade more accounts.

How long is FTMO free trial?

The FTMO Challenge duration is 30 calendar days ; the Verification duration is 60 calendar days. If you manage to pass the trading objectives sooner, you do not need to wait for the remaining duration days.

How do I pay my FTMO fee?

You can pay for the FTMO Challenge via bank wire transfer, debit/credit card, cryptocurrencies or Skrill.

Can you lose money on FTMO?

The good news is that you cannot lose more than this fee as any potential losses on the FTMO Account are covered by us On top of that, the fee is always refunded back to the trader with his/her first Profit Split from the FTMO Account.

How do I get FTMO challenge for free?

If you manage NOT to breach any of the Trading Objectives (regardless of whether that is the FTMO Challenge or Verification) and your account ending in profit at the end of the trading duration, with all positions closed, we will give you a new FTMO Challenge free of charge.

How much do FTMO traders make?

Just to put that number into perspective, we are talking about almost 3 new trades every second. And finally, the most important number: total payouts in 2021! In the past year, our FTMO Traders received an outstanding $29,000,000 in payouts. It is a truly incredible number and congratulations to all the traders!.

How many free trials do you get with FTMO?

Our Free Trials are extremely popular and we have literally thousands of accounts taken every day. To accommodate the demand, only one Free Trial per trader is allowed at a time.

Is FTMO challenge a demo account?

After a client becomes an FTMO Trader, they will be provided with a demo account with virtual funds.

How often can you withdraw FTMO?

The Profit Split Day can be changed up to 3 times for each withdrawal , anytime between 14 days and 60 days from the start of trading.

Does FTMO have a 400k account?

However, we have a maximum capital allocation of $400,000 (on Normal risk setup, prior to scaling) per trader or strategy, at any given time (or $200,000 for the Aggressive risk setup) for any FTMO Account which is connected to our Proprietary Trading Firm.

Which broker does FTMO use?

You can trade your FTMO Challenge, Verification and FTMO Account on the most popular retail platforms – MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 or cTrader You can choose these platforms in the FTMO Challenge configurator here.

Does FTMO refund money?

Our refund and returns policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have passed since your purchase, we can’t offer you a full refund or exchange To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

Do you have to pay to do the FTMO challenge?

No, we don’t charge any additional or hidden fees The fee for the FTMO Challenge covers it all, including the Verification. There are absolutely no recurring fees with us.

What happens if I exceed daily loss on FTMO?

If your Unrealized Net P&L hits or exceeds your Daily Loss Limit at any point during the Trading Combine®, your account is no longer eligible for a Funded Account® You have the option to reset your account.

Can you use EA on FTMO?

By using a third-party EA, traders run the risk of being denied an FTMO Account because they exceed the maximum capital allocation rule.

What is the biggest FTMO payout?

Users can begin trading with up to $200,000 and once the verification process has been completed, they can keep up to 80% of profits. FTMO’s biggest single payout was over $40,000.

Can you make a living trading FTMO?

In conclusion. It is safe to say that you need at least $10,000 to consider day trading a full-time job This amount of money is something not everyone can afford to put in the trading account, but if you are a profitable trader and you think you can manage our FTMO Challenge, you can trade up to $400,000 for our firm.

Can you hedge on FTMO?

Your trading style is completely up to you. We have no reasons for limiting or restricting your trading strategy , whether it’s discretionary trading, hedging, algorithmic trading, EAs, etc.