Is Rallis India A Tata Company?

Rallis, a tata enterprise , is a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, with its business presence in the farm essentials vertical. It is one of India’s leading crop care companies.

Is Rallis India owned by Tata?

Pesticide maker Rallis India is now a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals The latter acquired a further 4.09 per cent stake in Rallis, part of the Tata Group and one of the oldest major private sector companies in the country, for about Rs 89 crore to make it a subsidiary.

When did Tata Buy Rallis India?

a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd during the year 2001-02.

What is Rallis business India?

Rallis, a Tata Enterprise, is a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, with its business presence in the farm essentials vertical. It is one of India’s leading crop care companies The company’s 2,300 distributors reach more than 40,000 retail counters across the country, covering more than 80% of India’s districts.

What is the product of Rallis India?

Rallis India Limited is a leading manufacturer of urea and phosphate fertilizers in India. It has a strong position in the crop protection business. In addition, the company’s Centre for Agri-Solutions and Technology provides advice on farming solutions and crop nutrition practices.

Is Rallis India a good investment?

Past 10 year’s financial track record analysis by Moneyworks4me indicates that Rallis India Ltd is a good quality company.

When did Rallis buy?

Balsara has resigned as Director (Legal) & Company Secretary of the Company w.e.f. September 20, 2003 -Aproves the sale of Rallis House to tata consultancy services ltd for a total consideration of Rs 560 million -The Lok Prakashan Ltd.

Is Tata agricultural?

Tata Agrico, the oldest brand of Tata Steel, is a pioneer in superior quality agricultural implements Since 1925, it has been the leading manufacturer of handheld implements like hoes, shovels, sickles, crowbars, pickaxes and hammers.

Is Tata Chemicals overvalued?

Is Tata Chemicals Ltd undervalued or overvalued? The key valuation ratios of Tata Chemicals Ltd’s currently when compared to its past seem to suggest it is in the Overvalued zone.

What does Rallis mean?

Greek: patronymic from a derivative of the Germanic personal name Raoul, Greek and French form of Rudolf See also Ralph. Raoul is well attested as a personal name in the Byzantine Empire in the medieval period.

Who started Tata Chemicals?

The history of Tata Chemicals can be traced to the Okhamandal Salt Works set up in 1927. It became a part of the Tata Group in 1939 when then Chairman JRD Tata took it over.

What companies do Tata own?

Companies include Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals, Tata Consumer Products, Titan, Tata Capital, Tata Power, indian hotels, Tata Communications, Tata Digital, and Tata Electronics.

How many brands does Tata own?

Founded in 1868, the Tata group is a global enterprise, headquartered in India, comprising 30 companies across 10 verticals.

What does Tata mean in Indian?

Meaning and Origin of: Tata Indian (Gujarat and Bombay city) : Parsi name, probably from Gujarati tat ‘father’ (Sanskrit tāta) Albanian and Greek (Tatas) : nickname from Albaniantatë ‘father’, ‘daddy’.