Is Journalism A Liberal Art?

In today’s digital age, journalism plays a crucial role in shaping how we receive and interpret news and information. It has always been regarded as a vital aspect of the media landscape, but is journalism considered a liberal art? In this blog post, we will dive into the topic, exploring the relationship between journalism and liberal arts, as well as shedding light on the potential career paths available for journalism graduates.

With the rise of STEM fields and a growing emphasis on technical skills, some may wonder if journalism aligns with the traditional definition of liberal arts. Additionally, we’ll answer questions like what kind of jobs can you pursue with a journalism degree and what options are available after completing a BA in journalism. Join us as we uncover the truth about journalism’s place within the liberal arts and navigate the exciting avenues that a journalism degree can open up in today’s professional landscape.

Is Journalism A Liberal Arts

As the world of journalism continues to evolve, the question of whether journalism is considered a liberal art remains a topic of debate. While many view journalism as a profession, others argue that it embodies the principles and skills typically associated with a liberal arts education. In this subsection, we will delve deeper into the characteristics of journalism and explore whether it fits within the realm of liberal arts.

What defines a liberal art

Before we can determine if journalism qualifies as a liberal art, let’s first define what exactly constitutes a liberal art. Generally, liberal arts encompass a range of subjects that provide a comprehensive education in areas such as literature, philosophy, history, and the sciences. The focus is on developing critical thinking, communication skills, and a broad understanding of society and culture.

Journalism: A blend of liberal arts skills

While journalism may not fit the traditional mold of a liberal art, it undeniably incorporates many of the key skills associated with this realm. Journalists rely on critical thinking to analyze complex issues and provide objective perspectives. They also utilize effective communication skills to convey information clearly and concisely to a broader audience.

The pursuit of truth and journalistic ethics

One of the primary goals of journalism is to uncover and present the truth to the public. This aligns closely with the principles of liberal arts education, which also seeks truth and knowledge. Journalistic ethics further highlight the overlap between journalism and the liberal arts, emphasizing a commitment to accuracy, fairness, and a dedication to serving the greater good.

Journalism as a reflection of society

Journalism serves as a mirror to society, documenting and reporting on the events, trends, and stories that shape our world. In this way, journalism captures the essence of the liberal arts by examining human experiences, societal issues, and cultural dynamics. It prompts readers to think critically and consider diverse perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us.

The multidisciplinary nature of journalism

While journalism may not solely be considered a liberal art, it undeniably draws upon a range of disciplines. Journalists often delve into subjects spanning politics, economics, science, and culture, requiring a broad knowledge base. This multidisciplinary approach echoes the diverse nature of a liberal arts education, where students are exposed to various fields of study.

While the debate over whether journalism is a liberal art may continue, it is evident that journalism possesses many characteristics of a liberal arts education. From critical thinking and effective communication to a pursuit of truth and reflection of society, journalism incorporates key elements of the liberal arts. So, next time someone questions whether journalism truly belongs in the realm of the liberal arts, you can confidently respond, “Yes, and let me tell you why!”

FAQ: Is Journalism A Liberal Arts


Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ-style guide on the topic of whether journalism is considered a liberal arts discipline. In this section, we’ll address the most commonly asked questions about journalism as a field of study. So let’s dive right in and get the answers you’re looking for!

Is Journalism a Liberal Arts Discipline

Is Stem a Liberal Arts

No, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is not typically considered a liberal arts discipline. While it is a valuable and respected field of study, the liberal arts traditionally encompass subjects like humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Journalism Degree

A journalism degree opens up a world of exciting career opportunities. Graduates can pursue roles as news reporters, editors, correspondents, investigative journalists, photojournalists, broadcast journalists, and more. The skills gained through a journalism degree, such as effective communication, critical thinking, and research abilities, are highly desirable in various industries.

What Can I Do After BA in Journalism

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, you have numerous options to explore. You can seek employment in the media industry, work as a freelance journalist, pursue a graduate degree in journalism or related fields, or even branch out into areas like public relations, marketing, or corporate communications.

What Are the 7 Types of Journalism

The field of journalism encompasses various specialized areas. Here are seven common types of journalism:

  1. Investigative Journalism: In-depth research and analysis to uncover the truth behind important stories.
  2. Broadcast Journalism: Reporting news for television or radio audiences.
  3. Sports Journalism: Covering sports events, athletes, and related stories.
  4. Feature Writing: Crafting engaging and informative articles that delve into specific topics or personalities.
  5. Photojournalism: Telling stories through captivating photographs combined with written narratives.
  6. Opinion Journalism: Expressing personal perspectives on current events and social issues.
  7. Business Journalism: Reporting on financial markets, companies, and economic trends.

Is Music a Liberal Art

Yes, music is considered a liberal art. It falls under the category of fine arts, which are part of the broader liberal arts curriculum. Studying music can enhance creativity, aesthetic appreciation, and cultural understanding.

Is Journalism a Humanities Major

While journalism shares some commonalities with humanities disciplines, it is not typically categorized as a pure humanities major. Journalism involves elements of both humanities (such as writing and storytelling) and social sciences (such as media studies and communication theory).

Is Journalism a BA or BS

The vast majority of journalism degrees are conferred as a Bachelor of Arts (BA). However, there are a few universities that offer a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Journalism, focusing more on technical and research-based aspects of the field.

Who is Considered a Journalist

A journalist is typically defined as an individual who gathers, assesses, and presents news and information to the public through various media outlets. However, in today’s digital age, the lines between professional journalists and citizen journalists have become somewhat blurry, with individuals sharing news and opinions through blogs and social media as well.

What Are the Seven Liberal Arts

The traditional seven liberal arts are:

  1. Grammar: The study of language and how words are used.
  2. Logic: The art of reasoning and critical thinking.
  3. Rhetoric: The art of persuasive communication and public speaking.
  4. Arithmetic: The study of numbers and basic mathematical operations.
  5. Geometry: The study of shapes, patterns, and spatial relationships.
  6. Music: The study of musical theory, composition, and appreciation.
  7. Astronomy: The study of celestial objects and the universe.

Why Are Liberal Arts Called Liberal

The term “liberal” in liberal arts originates from the Latin word “liber,” which means freedom. Liberal arts were primarily concerned with education that provided individuals with knowledge and skills necessary for a free citizen to participate actively in society.

Is a Journalism Degree Useless

Absolutely not! A journalism degree equips you with valuable skills in research, writing, critical thinking, and effective communication – skills that are highly transferable and sought after in various professional fields. Additionally, the field of journalism is continually evolving, with opportunities in digital media, multimedia storytelling, and investigative reporting.

Is Journalism a Good Degree

A journalism degree can be an excellent choice for individuals passionate about storytelling, news, and current events. It offers a pathway to exciting careers in journalism, media, and related fields. However, like any degree, success ultimately depends on an individual’s dedication, persistence, and willingness to adapt to the evolving landscape of the industry.

Is Social Science a Liberal Arts Discipline

Yes, social sciences are part of the liberal arts curriculum. Disciplines like sociology, economics, psychology, anthropology, and political science fall under the umbrella of social sciences.

What Is the Best Liberal Arts Major

The best liberal arts major depends on your personal interests and career goals. With a multitude of options available, including English literature, history, philosophy, psychology, political science, and more, it’s essential to choose a major that aligns with your passions and future aspirations.

What Is the Difference Between Liberal and Fine Arts

The distinction between liberal and fine arts lies in their focus and purpose. Liberal arts encompass a broader range of disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and fine arts. Fine arts, on the other hand, specifically refer to subjects like visual arts, music, theater, dance, and literature that emphasize creativity and self-expression.

Is Journalism Considered a Liberal Arts Discipline

Yes, journalism is generally considered a liberal arts discipline. While it leans towards the realms of social sciences and communication studies, journalism incorporates elements of both humanities and fine arts, making it a versatile field of study.

What Major is Journalism Under

Journalism is typically categorized under the broader umbrella of Communication Studies or Mass Communication. However, different universities may have varying departmental structures and nomenclature for journalism programs.

What Is Considered Journalism

Journalism refers to the collection, verification, and dissemination of news and information to the public through various media channels. It involves the ethical and responsible reporting of events, issues, and stories, ensuring accuracy, fairness, and integrity.

What Majors Fall Under Liberal Arts

A wide range of majors fall under the liberal arts umbrella, including but not limited to English literature, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology, fine arts, communication studies, and foreign languages.

Does Journalism Pay Well

The salary potential in journalism can vary widely, depending on factors such as experience, geographic location, type of media organization, and job role. While entry-level positions may offer modest salaries, experienced and successful journalists can earn competitive wages, especially in prominent media outlets and specialized fields.

What Are the Five Categories of Journalism

While there are varying ways to categorize journalism, here are five common categories:

  1. Print Journalism: Reporting and writing news stories for newspapers and magazines.
  2. Broadcast Journalism: Delivering news through television or radio broadcasts.
  3. Online Journalism: Producing news content specifically for digital platforms and websites.
  4. Photojournalism: Capturing and presenting news stories through photographs.
  5. Investigative Journalism: In-depth research and reporting to uncover hidden truths and societal issues.

Is Harvard a Liberal Arts School

Yes, Harvard University is widely considered a liberal arts school. It offers a diverse range of programs, including majors in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and fine arts.

Is Criminology a Liberal Arts Discipline

Yes, criminology is typically considered a liberal arts discipline as it falls under the broader field of social sciences. It focuses on understanding crime, criminal behavior, and the factors that contribute to them.

Who Created the Seven Liberal Arts

The concept of the seven liberal arts dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. However, the Roman statesman and philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero, is often credited with establishing the framework of the liberal arts system as we know it today.


We hope this comprehensive FAQ-style guide has provided you with valuable insights into the world of journalism as a liberal arts discipline. From the various career opportunities to the diverse types of journalism and the rich history of the liberal arts, journalism offers an exciting blend of creativity, critical thinking, and social engagement. Whether you’re considering a journalism degree or simply curious about the field, remember that journalism is not just a profession but also a vital pillar of democracy.

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