Is ASEA Harmful?

They are studies in cell culture of hamster ovary cells, bacterial cells, rabbits, several beagle dogs, and some mice. They have not studied safety in humans. If, as I suspect, ASEA amounts to nothing but salt water, adverse effects would not be expected unless large quantities were ingested

Are ASEA products safe?

The ASEA safety study was first conducted to show that ASEA Redox Supplement was safe Participants used the supplement for 12 weeks and reported no adverse effects.

Is ASEA redox safe?

While this supplement is likely safe to use, ASEA Redox simply lacks rigorous scientific research backing its safety and efficacy It is best to touch base with your doctor before using it.

Who should not use ASEA redox?

As with most food supplements, ASEA is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers Also, people under the age of 12 should not use ASEA.

Does ASEA actually work?

There is no information up on our website that says that ASEA would cure cancer or other diseases, however we do say that ASEA improves immune system health as well as has some other beneficial effects for a human being , and as we pinpointed that before, the effects have been verified by several laboratory tests.

Is ASEA just salt water?

ASEA is salt water that contains electrically charged “redox signaling molecules,” which apparently signal cells to rejuvenate themselves.

Is ASEA water safe to drink?

All results show that ASEA is safe for tissues, organs, and bodily systems Researchers have published more than 10,000 papers related to redox signaling technology.

Is ASEA approved by the FDA?

Value of our Certifications. ASEA Redox Supplement is classified as a dietary supplement in the United States. As a dietary supplement, it is not FDA approved but is FDA regulated. The FDA oversees dietary supplements under a different set of regulations than those covering conventional foods and drug products.

What does ASEA help with?

ASEA has developed a unique breakthrough product technology that has been scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways or affect genes that: Improve immune system health Help maintain a healthy inflammatory response Help maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity..

What is the active ingredient in ASEA?

The ASEA beverage is a special oral formulation produced from a pure saline solution containing 123 mg sodium and 129 mg chloride per 4 oz. serving.

How much ASEA redox do you drink a day?

Take at least two ounces once or twice a day Many customers find better results by increasing to four ounces per serving during the first month.

What does ASEA redox taste like?

It tastes like diluted salty bleach.

Who are the founders of ASEA?

ASEA was founded by Verdis Norton James Pack and Tyler Norton The current management consists of Charles F. Funke as the CEO and Jarom Webb as the President. The company officially launched in 2009.

How is ASEA water made?

ASEA is made in Utah from municipal water that is highly purified using both reverse osmosis and distillation The pure water is then combined with pure salt and allowed to cure, before undergoing a patented process that oxidizes and reduces the saline solution into the final product.

Does ASEA Renu 28 work?

Results of the study data show that there was approximately a 16 percent faster skin renewal rate on the forearm treated with RENU 28 “A typical skin renewal cycle is 28 to 42 days, but this study found that with RENU 28, the skin renewal cycle was shortened to 24 to 36 days,” said Dr.

Where is ASEA manufactured?

Just like our manufacturing process, the water in ASEA is local to Pleasant Grove, Utah In fact, a short hike to up to Battle Creek Falls takes you to the water source that initiates ASEA’s production process.

What does redox signaling molecules do?

Redox signaling molecules are the communication centers in your cells. These molecules are responsible for sending powerful messages that help rejuvenate, restore, and protect cells Redox molecules signal when something is going wrong or needs to be changed, and then the body fixes the problem.