How to Listen to Audible on a Plane: The Ultimate Guide

Are you an audiobook enthusiast who loves to delve into captivating stories while soaring through the sky? If so, you’ve probably wondered whether it’s possible to enjoy Audible’s extensive library of audiobooks during your air travel. Well, worry no more! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll demystify the process of listening to Audible on a plane and address common queries like listening offline, using Audible without a phone, and connecting to Bluetooth.

Can I Listen to Audible Offline

how to listen to audible on a plane

Picture this: You’re onboard a plane, cruising at 35,000 feet, and you’re itching to dive into the thrilling plotline of the book you’ve been dying to explore. The good news is, yes, you can absolutely listen to Audible offline! By downloading your desired audiobooks to your device before takeoff, you can immerse yourself in a world of literature without an internet connection.

Does Audible Work on an Airplane

The short answer is a resounding YES! Audible is the perfect travel companion for bookworms on the go. With its user-friendly interface and offline listening capabilities, Audible ensures uninterrupted entertainment, even when you’re soaring high above the clouds.

Audible Not Working in Airplane Mode? Here’s the Fix

Sometimes, you may encounter a minor hiccup while attempting to access your Audible library in airplane mode. Fret not! We’ll share quick and easy solutions to ensure you can enjoy your audiobooks hassle-free, even while disconnected from Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Discover Free Audiobooks to Listen to Offline

how to listen to audible on a plane

In this budget-conscious world, finding free alternatives to pricey audiobooks is always a welcome treat. We’ll uncover hidden gems within Audible that offer cost-free listening pleasure, allowing you to indulge in captivating narratives without dipping into your pocket.

Can I Listen to Audible Without a Phone

Let’s say you prefer traveling light and don’t want to carry your phone with you everywhere. Fear not, for we’ll explore alternative devices that grant you access to Audible’s vast collection. From tablets to dedicated MP3 players, we’ll guide you on how to enjoy Audible, no smartphone necessary.

Can You Listen to Audible Books on an Airplane

how to listen to audible on a plane

The ultimate question: Can you listen to your meticulously chosen Audible books during your flight? We’ll lay it all out for you, detailing the necessary steps to ensure a seamless and enjoyable audiobook experience while soaring through the skies.

How Do I Listen to Audible Books Through Bluetooth

Do you prefer the convenience of wireless technology and love the idea of connecting your audiobooks to Bluetooth devices? We’ve got you covered! Discover how to pair your Bluetooth headphones or speakers with your device and elevate your airborne listening experience to new heights.

Does Audible Connect to the Internet to Continue Listening

Imagine this scenario: You start listening to a gripping audiobook during your flight, but upon landing, you’re puzzled as to whether Audible will require an internet connection to keep the story going. We’ll clear up any confusion and provide insights into how Audible syncs your progress, ensuring a seamless transition even without an internet connection.

With this ultimate guide, you’ll never miss out on the excitement and adventure of your favorite audiobooks while soaring through the skies. So, fasten your seatbelts, stow away your worries, and get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of storytelling at 35,000 feet!

How to Listen to Audible on a Plane

Connecting to the In-flight Entertainment System

When it comes to listening to Audible on a plane, connecting to the in-flight entertainment system is your golden ticket! The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for this tip. Once you’re all geared up, it’s time to hunt down that elusive headphone jack. Don’t panic if you can’t find it right away; it’s usually located in the armrest or on the entertainment console in front of you.

Bluetooth to the Rescue

If you’re a fan of wireless freedom (like me), fear not! Some planes are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for their in-flight entertainment systems. Check to see if your plane offers this feature. If it does, simply pair your device with the system and voila! You’ll be ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Audible without any pesky wires getting in your way.

Don’t Forget the Offline Mode

Now, let’s address the elephant in the cabin: Wi-Fi. Many planes still don’t offer internet access, or if they do, it usually comes with an extra charge. That’s where Audible’s offline mode swoops in to save the day. Make sure you’ve downloaded your favorite audiobooks before your flight and enable offline mode in the Audible app. This way, you won’t need an internet connection to access your library and lose yourself in a gripping story.

Power Up, Buttercup

Before takeoff, don’t forget to charge your devices. You wouldn’t want to be mid-listen and suddenly have your device die on you, leaving you hanging in suspense. If you’re lucky, some planes have USB ports or power outlets conveniently located next to your seat. If not, it might be worth investing in a portable power bank. Trust me, it’s a lifesaver when your battery starts dwindling, and you’re only halfway through that thrilling mystery novel.

With these tips in your back pocket, you’re all set to embark on a journey of literary adventure during your next flight. Whether you choose to connect through the in-flight entertainment system, go wireless with Bluetooth, or rely on offline mode, Audible is right there with you, keeping you entertained, engaged, and eagerly awaiting your next chapter. So sit back, relax, and let Audible take you to new and exciting worlds as you soar through the sky. Safe travels and happy listening!

Can I Listen to Audible Offline

In today’s digital age, we are constantly connected to the internet, but let’s face it – there are times when we just can’t get a reliable Wi-Fi signal. Whether you are on a flight or taking a journey through a dead zone, you may find yourself wondering if it’s possible to enjoy your favorite Audible audiobooks without an internet connection. Well, the good news is that you absolutely can!

Download and Listen Anywhere

Audible understands that sometimes you need to go offline, so they’ve made it easy for you to download your audiobooks and listen to them at your convenience. No Wi-Fi? No problem! With the Audible app on your phone or tablet, you can simply choose the audiobook you want, tap the download button, and voila! You now have the book ready to listen to offline.

Make the Most of Your Storage Space

While you can download as many audiobooks as your device’s storage can hold, it’s important to be mindful of your available space. If you find yourself running low on storage, fear not! Audible allows you to remove downloaded books from your device and re-download them later when you’re ready to dig back in.

The Beauty of Persistent Playback

One of the coolest features of the Audible app is the ability to pick up right where you left off, no matter where you are. Picture this: you’re on a plane, engrossed in an incredible story when the pilot announces it’s time to power off your electronic devices. With the Audible app, fear not! Your progress will be saved, and once you power back on, you can seamlessly continue listening from where you left off. Isn’t technology amazing?

Breaking the Silence with Airplane Mode

It’s essential to follow the rules and regulations when using electronic devices on a plane. But fear not, my fellow audiobook aficionados! You don’t need to switch off your phone completely! Just switch it to airplane mode, and you’ll still be able to listen to your Audible audiobooks without any interruptions while staying in compliance with the rules. Winning!

So, the answer to the question “Can I listen to Audible offline?” is a resounding YES! Thanks to the Audible app’s download feature and persistent playback, you can indulge in your favorite audiobooks no matter where you are. Whether you’re soaring through the air or exploring a Wi-Fi-free zone, Audible has got you covered. So sit back, relax, and embark on an audio adventure with Audible!

Does Audible Work on an Airplane


A crucial question for any audiobook lover is whether Audible works on an airplane. As much as we’d love to be able to binge-listen to our favorite stories while soaring through the clouds, the reality is that airplane mode can often throw a wrench into our digital plans. But fear not! We’re here to unravel the mysteries and reveal the truth about enjoying Audible on your next flight.

Airplane Mode Dilemma

So you’re settling into your seat, waiting for the plane to take off, and you’re itching to escape into the captivating world of your current audiobook. But wait, here comes the flight attendant reminding everyone to turn on airplane mode. Does this mean your Audible adventure has to go down the drain? Not necessarily.

Offline Listening: Your Lifesaver

Fortunately, Audible provides an offline listening feature, offering a ray of hope for audiobook enthusiasts. By downloading your chosen audiobooks onto your device before boarding the plane, you can keep your entertainment options wide open even during those dreaded moments of no Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

How to Download Audiobooks

To ensure a smooth in-flight experience, follow these simple steps to download your Audible books in advance:

Step 1: Open the Audible App

Fire up the Audible app on your device and log into your account.

Step 2: Browse Your Library

Once you’re in, navigate to your library to choose the audiobook you want to download.

Step 3: Download!

On the book’s detail page, look for the download button and tap on it. Watch as the magic unfolds and your audiobook is neatly stored on your device for offline listening.

Preparing for Takeoff

With your audiobooks successfully downloaded, you’re now ready for takeoff. Just make sure to activate airplane mode before the flight attendant spots you cheating (just kidding)!

Audiobook Lover’s Paradise

Once you’re comfortably settled in your seat, you can now indulge in your Audible collection without interruption. Whether it’s a thrilling mystery, a romance that warms your heart, or a self-development gem, your favorite audiobooks are at your fingertips.


So, does Audible work on an airplane? Absolutely! By taking advantage of Audible’s offline listening feature and downloading your desired books beforehand, you can immerse yourself in captivating stories and make your flight an unforgettable journey. Don’t let airplane mode dampen your audiobook-loving spirit – prepare, download, and enjoy the magic of literature at 30,000 feet!

Audible Not Working in Airplane Mode

If you’re an avid audiobook lover, you probably love using Audible to enjoy your favorite books during your travels. However, you may have encountered the frustrating issue of Audible not working in airplane mode. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some handy tips and solutions to get your Audible fix, even when you’re soaring through the skies.

Check Your Device Settings

First things first, let’s make sure your device settings are in order. Ensure that you have enabled airplane mode on your device before boarding the plane. This step is crucial to comply with airline regulations and ensure a smooth flight. However, it’s worth noting that some devices have a feature that automatically disables Wi-Fi and cell signals while in airplane mode. Ensure that this feature is disabled, as it may interfere with your ability to use the Audible app.

Download Audiobooks Before Boarding

To make your in-flight Audible experience hassle-free, it’s always a good idea to download your audiobooks before boarding the plane. This way, you won’t rely on an internet connection or use your data while airborne. Navigate to your Audible library and select the books you want to listen to during your flight. Tap on the download button, and voila! Your books will be ready and waiting for you, even in airplane mode.

Deactivate and Reactivate Airplane Mode

If you find that Audible is still not working, a simple solution is to deactivate and reactivate airplane mode on your device. Sometimes, a glitch or temporary issue may occur, preventing Audible from functioning properly. By toggling airplane mode off and on, you might just resolve the problem and get back to your captivating audiobook in no time.

Ensure Audible App Updates

Keeping your Audible app up to date is essential to avoid any compatibility issues. Make sure you have the latest version installed on your device. To update your app, visit your device’s app store and search for Audible. If an update is available, simply tap on the update button. This ensures that you have all the necessary bug fixes and improvements to enhance your Audible experience, even at 30,000 feet.

Reach Out to Audible Support

how to listen to audible on a plane

If you’ve tried all of the above solutions and are still facing difficulties with Audible in airplane mode, it’s time to seek expert advice. Reach out to Audible support for further assistance. Their team of dedicated professionals is there to help you troubleshoot any issues and ensure you can delight in your audiobooks both on the ground and in the air.

Take Off with Audible

With these helpful tips, you can now enjoy your Audible audiobooks without any worries, even when cruising at 35,000 feet. Remember to prepare your downloads in advance, check your device settings, and stay up to date with app updates. In case of any hiccups, try deactivating and reactivating airplane mode, or seek the expertise of Audible support. So, sit back, relax, and let your favorite books accompany you on your next airborne adventure. Safe travels and happy listening!

Free Audiobooks to Listen to Offline

If you’re a bookworm like me, you’ll know that a long flight is the perfect opportunity to get lost in a captivating audiobook. But what happens when you don’t have access to the internet onboard? Fear not! There are still plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite stories while soaring through the clouds. In this section, we’ll explore some fantastic sources for free audiobooks to listen to offline.

Librivox: A Treasure Trove of Classics

Librivox is a fantastic website that offers a vast collection of public domain audiobooks. You’ll find literary classics like “Pride and Prejudice” and “Moby Dick” read aloud by volunteers from all over the world. These audiobooks are completely free and can be downloaded to your device for offline listening. So sit back, relax, and let the enchanting voices of these volunteer narrators transport you into another world.

OverDrive: Your Local Library on the Go

Did you know that many local libraries have partnered with OverDrive to provide digital audiobooks to their patrons? If you have a library card, you can access this treasure trove of free audiobooks through the Libby app or OverDrive’s website. Simply borrow the titles you want, download them to your device, and you’re all set for your plane journey. Plus, when your flight is over, you won’t even have to worry about returning the audiobooks – they’ll magically disappear from your device once the borrowing period ends.

Project Gutenberg: Where Literature Meets Technology

Project Gutenberg is another gem for book lovers. With over 60,000 free eBooks, including many audiobooks, this digital library is a goldmine waiting to be explored. You can search for specific titles or browse through different genres to find your perfect match. Download the audiobooks that catch your eye, transfer them to your device, and voila! You’re ready to embark on a literary adventure, even 30,000 feet above the ground.

Audible Plus: A Taste of Premium Audiobooks

While Audible is primarily a subscription-based service, they do offer a selection of free audiobooks for their members as part of their Audible Plus program. This is perfect for the occasional traveler who wants a variety of listening options without committing to a monthly subscription fee. With Audible Plus, you can download and listen to these audiobooks while offline, ensuring a delightful entertainment experience during your flight.

So, the next time you find yourself on a plane with no internet connection, don’t fret! Thanks to platforms like Librivox, OverDrive, Project Gutenberg, and even Audible Plus, you have access to a fantastic range of free audiobooks to listen to offline. Whether you prefer the classics, contemporary fiction, or non-fiction, there’s something out there to suit every literary taste. So sit back, buckle up, and let your imagination take flight with these captivating stories. Happy listening!

Can I Listen to Audible Without a Phone

If you’re an Audible lover like me, you know that it’s the perfect companion for long flights. But what happens if you don’t have your phone with you? Can you still listen to your favorite audiobooks? Well, fear not, my friend! There are actually a few nifty ways you can enjoy Audible without a phone. Let’s dive in!

Using Your Tablet or iPad

If you happen to have a tablet or iPad handy, you’re in luck! These magical devices can serve as an alternative to your phone when it comes to listening to Audible. Simply download the Audible app onto your tablet, log into your account, and voila! You’ll have access to all your audiobooks. Plus, the larger screen makes it even more enjoyable to browse your library and choose your next adventure.

Utilizing a Portable Media Player

Now, if you’re old-school like me and own a portable media player (yes, they still exist!), you can easily bring Audible into your audio realm. These little gadgets, like the illustrious iPod, offer the capacity to download and play audiobooks. Simply download your audiobook onto your media player prior to takeoff, plug in your headphones, and off you go into a world of literary bliss.

Exploring E-Readers with Audio Capability

Believe it or not, some e-readers these days actually come with audio capability. So, if you’re a fan of both eBooks and audiobooks, this might be the perfect solution for you. E-readers like the Kindle Fire or Kobo Aura One allow you to switch seamlessly between reading and listening modes. Download the Audible app onto your e-reader, connect it to Wi-Fi, and unlock a world of literary entertainment.

Investing in a Bluetooth Transmitter

Now, this option might require a little extra oomph, but it’s definitely worth considering. If you have a portable CD player or an old-school radio that has a headphone jack, you can use a Bluetooth transmitter to connect to your wireless headphones. Simply plug the transmitter into the audio output of your device, connect your headphones, and pair them with your wireless headphones. Now you can enjoy Audible wirelessly, without the need for a phone.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it! Just because you find yourself phone-less doesn’t mean you have to bid adieu to Audible. Whether you have a tablet, a portable media player, an e-reader, or even an old-school radio, there’s always a way to satisfy your audiobook cravings. Happy travels and happy listening!

Can You Listen to Audible Books on an Airplane

Ever been on a long flight and wished you could escape into a world of gripping stories and engaging characters? Well, if you’re an Audible enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s absolutely possible to listen to your favorite audiobooks while soaring through the air in a metal tube.

Offline Listening: Your Passport to Literary Adventures

One of the most fantastic features of Audible is its offline listening capability. This means you can download your beloved audiobooks onto your device before boarding the plane, allowing you to access them without an internet connection during your flight. No more worrying about patchy Wi-Fi or cellular data; simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonders of storytelling at 30,000 feet.

Step-by-Step Guide: Unleashing the Audiobook Magic

Using Audible’s offline listening feature is a breeze. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to ensure you’re fully prepared to enjoy your favorite audiobooks during your next plane ride:

1. Download the Audible App

If you don’t already have the Audible app installed on your device, head to your app store and download it. Whether you’re team Android or team Apple, Audible has you covered.

2. Sign in to Your Account

Open the app and sign in to your Audible account. If you don’t have one yet, fear not! You can easily create a new account within the app itself.

3. Browse and Choose Your Audiobooks

Now comes the exciting part: selecting which audiobooks will accompany you on your journey. Browse Audible’s vast library, filled with bestsellers, classic literature, and everything in between. Find the ones that pique your interest and add them to your library.

4. Download for Offline Listening

Once you’ve chosen your audiobooks, tap the download button to save them to your device. This will ensure they’re available for offline listening later. Make sure you have enough storage space for your selections, especially for longer flights.

Takeoff to Literary Bliss

With your Audible app and downloaded audiobooks in hand, you’re all set for a literary adventure in the sky. Once the flight attendants give the green light to use electronic devices, put on your headphones, open the Audible app, and immerse yourself in captivating tales as the plane soars through the clouds.

So, the next time you find yourself asking, “Can you listen to Audible books on an airplane?” remember the magic of offline listening and get ready to embark on an audio journey like no other. Happy flying and happy listening!

How to Listen to Audible Books Through Bluetooth

Are you ready for a journey filled with suspense, romance, or maybe even some self-improvement magic? With Audible books waiting at your fingertips, flying is about to get a whole lot more entertaining. But how do you listen to Audible books through Bluetooth? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Connecting Your Device to Bluetooth

Before you can embark on your audiobook adventure, you need to make sure your device is connected to Bluetooth. It’s as easy as pie! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth: Go to your device’s settings and turn on Bluetooth. If it’s already on, feel free to skip this step and jump to the next one.

  2. Pair your device: Now it’s time to pair your device with your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. You can usually do this by going to the Bluetooth settings and selecting the device you want to connect to. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little lost, modern technology can be confusing at times. Just remember that patience is key!

Playing Audible Books Using Bluetooth

Now that your devices are connected, it’s time to dive into the captivating world of Audible books. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Audible app: Launch the Audible app on your device. If you don’t have it yet, head straight to your device’s app store and download it. Trust me, it’s worth it!

  2. Choose your audiobook: Browse through your impressive Audible library and pick the audiobook that tickles your fancy. This might be the hardest part since there are so many amazing options waiting for you!

  3. Tap on the play button: Go ahead and tap on the play button. Your audiobook will start playing through your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride – you’re in for a treat!


Sometimes, even the most well-prepared adventurers encounter a few bumps along the way. If you’re facing any issues, here are a few troubleshooting tips for you:

  • Ensure Bluetooth is still connected: Double-check that your Bluetooth connection is still active. Sometimes, it may disconnect if you move too far away from your device or encounter interference.

  • Restart your devices: Sometimes, a simple restart can do wonders. Try turning off both your device and your Bluetooth headphones or speakers, then turn them back on and try again.

  • Update your Audible app: If you’re using an outdated version of the Audible app, it could be causing the trouble. Head to your app store and make sure you have the latest version installed.

With these handy tips, you’re now equipped to enjoy your favorite Audible books through Bluetooth, even at 30,000 feet in the air. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of storytelling!

Audible Connect to the Internet to Continue Listening

Do you hate it when you’re engrossed in an Audible audiobook on a plane, and suddenly, the dreaded “No Internet Connection” message appears? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are some nifty tips to ensure you can keep listening to your favorite audiobooks even while soaring through the sky.

The Offline Advantage

Let’s face it: airplanes and Wi-Fi aren’t always the best of friends. But fear not because Audible allows you to download your audiobooks for offline listening! This means you can have your whole library ready to go without relying on an internet connection. So, before you embark on your journey, make sure you download your favorite audiobooks to your device.

Prioritize Pre-Downloads

To ensure a seamless listening experience, it’s wise to prioritize pre-downloading your audiobooks. Connect your device to a reliable Wi-Fi network before your flight, open the Audible app, and download the books you want to listen to during your flight. This way, you won’t have to worry about buffering or interruptions while you’re soaring above the clouds.

Start with a Stable Connection

Before you board the plane, find a stable internet connection and open the Audible app. This will help ensure all your downloaded audiobooks are up to date, and any progress you made on other devices will be synced. Plus, you may discover new recommendations that pique your interest, giving you even more options for the journey ahead.

Keep Your Downloads Manageable

While it’s tempting to download your entire Audible library, keep in mind the storage limitations on your device. Choose a selection of books that you’ll realistically be able to listen to during your flight. If you’re not sure where to start, go for a mix of genres to cater to your varying moods. After all, who knows what kind of journey awaits you in the clouds?

Not Just for Airplanes

Remember, these tips aren’t just restricted to airplanes. Whether you’re in a remote area with no internet access or experiencing a temporary Wi-Fi outage, downloading your audiobooks beforehand will always come in handy. Stay entertained during long road trips, train rides, or even when you’re tucked away in a cozy cabin in the wilderness. Audible has got your back!

So, next time you find yourself on a plane, arm yourself with this knowledge and keep your audiobooks right at your fingertips. With Audible’s ability to connect to the internet for downloads, you’ll never have to face a silent flight again. Happy travels and happy listening!

Note: These tips are applicable to the Audible app for iOS and Android. Ensure you have the latest version of the app to enjoy all the fantastic features Audible has to offer.

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