How Much Weight Can I Lose On ProLon?

In a small clinical study, ProLon® was shown over three cycles (once a month for 3 months) to help individuals lose an average of 5.7 pounds and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference [5]. Unsurprisingly, most people gain back the lost weight shortly after completing a fasting diet.

Does ProLon weight loss stay off?

The interesting thing about the weight loss is it has stayed off within a 2-3 pound range with little effort I traveled a couple of times this year to Europe for close to three weeks each time and did not put the weight back on while indulging.

What is the hardest day on ProLon?

Lunch around 2:30 and then dinner at 6:30/7. Go to bed early if you can and sleep late! The longer you are up, the longer you have to fill the day. Wednesday : This was by far the hardest day, as you have very little food.

Can you do ProLon twice a month?

The first time someone undergoes ProLon we recommend once per month for three consecutive months After completing the first three cycles, one can consider no more than one cycle every month for up to 6 months or continue once every 3 months depending on health goals.

What happens to your body during ProLon?

Enhances cellular renewal by triggering stem-cell based regeneration and autophagy (the cleaning up of aging and damaged cells) and promotes cell-based renewal. Metabolic health maintains healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure as well as improving markers for inflammation.

Can I exercise during ProLon?

They don’t recommend strenuous exercise while fasting as it may contribute to dehydration and accelerate negative nitrogen balance (your body’s use of protein). So, while fasting, it’s best to keep activity light and do things like walking, yoga, and stretching.

Can you drink alcohol on the ProLon diet?

Drink at least 8 cups of water to minimize the risk of dehydration. Avoid alcohol consumption , strenuous exercise, and exposure to high temperatures (e.g. saunas, spas, Jacuzzi) or cold environments and swimming. Operate a motor vehicle and heavy machinery with care until it is known how ProLon® may affect you.

How much weight do you lose on ProLon fast?

Weight loss In a small clinical study, ProLon® was shown over three cycles (once a month for 3 months) to help individuals lose an average of 5.7 pounds and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference [5]. Unsurprisingly, most people gain back the lost weight shortly after completing a fasting diet.

Can I Drink coffee on the ProLon diet?

Because coffee can interfere with the beneficial effects of the diet, it is not recommended to be consumed with ProLon ® However, if one must have coffee, we recommend minimizing coffee consumption to 1 cup per day.

Can I Drink Topo Chico on ProLon?

Sparkling water with no sweeteners (artificial or natural) is fine to consume during ProLon.

Can you do ProLon 2 weeks in a row?

This cycle can be repeated once or twice per week or every day, depending on personal preference If you have the funds and the self-discipline to follow the five-day, low-calorie fasting plan from ProLon, it may be a good choice.

What does the L drink in ProLon do?

The L-Drink contains glycerol, and it is intended to preserve lean body mass and support hydration.

Can you have lemon water on ProLon?

Although we suggest no additions to the diet, up to 1 wedge of lemon per day is allowed.

How many calories a day is ProLon?

The daily caloric intake with ProLon is between 770 and 1100 calories from healthy ingredients that maximize nourishment and provide enjoyable food. *ProLon energy drink contains the natural preservative polylysine.

What happens to your body on day 5 of ProLon?

By Day #5, the last day of fasting, the body is generally in a full state of ketosis, fat burning, and autophagy (cellular cleansing) Tomorrow, Day #6, while not a fasting day, is a “Transition Day” – one in which you ease back into a regular diet with a little caution and care.

How often can I do ProLon fast?

HOW DO YOU DO PROLON? The fast is designed to be done three times over three months to start with, ideally with 25 days in-between. As a maintenance it should be carried out three times a year for a typical healthy person.

Can I add salt to ProLon soup?

You can add up to one teaspoon of combined salt, herbs, and spices to the soups each day.

How much water should you Drink on ProLon?

Wondering how much water to drink while fasting on ProLon? We recommend at least 64oz of liquids per day (equivalent to 3 refills of your ProLon water bottle) to stay hydrated. But get creative! Try pairing your Tropical Berry L-Drink with our Hibiscus Tea for a refreshing zing that keeps you satisfied.

Do you lose muscle on ProLon?

Achieving your weight loss goals with ProLon The extra advantage with ProLon’s food and supplements is that you won’t lose muscle mass In fact, in clinical trials, ProLon decreased abdominal fat while increasing lean body mass.

What is the difference between ProLon and ProLon professional?

Unlike ProLon Original and ProLon with Soup Variety 2, ProLon Professional contains less inulin, fewer grains and no night shades Every ProLon Professional kit contains an all NEW vegan dark chocolate bar and new soups without inulin, all specially formulated for metabolic health.

Can you eat celery on ProLon?

Try having a slice (or 2) of fresh cucumber, celery, bell pepper, or apple Remember, this fast is not only physical, it’s mental… kinda like a marathon, but way easier. If you eat an extra snack here and there, you’ll still lose some weight, but you will forego the incredible health benefits of this program.

Is ProLon a keto diet?

Although the ProLon diet kit itself is technically not Keto-friendly , you can create your own DIY Keto FMD. If you already follow a Ketogenic diet, the good news is that you’ll likely have a slight advantage heading into the FMD.