How Much Does Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake Cost?

The cheesecake, which sells for $13.50 , has a distinctive look: It’s a round cake browned on top and emblazoned with the bakery’s logo of a little bespectacled, bald chef. Owner Tetsushi Mizokami first starting making them in 1990 in Japan.

How much is Uncle Tetsu cheese tart?

Finally came to try the Cheese Tart! At $3.50/each , it’s quite expensive. It was VERY rich and flavourful with a strong salted cheese taste.

How Long Can Uncle Tetsu cheesecake last?

How long will they last? Our Japanese Cheesecakes can stay in room temperature for up to 12 hours We recommend putting them in the fridge as soon as possible, and they can last refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Why is Uncle Tetsu so good?

So what’s the hype all about? Uncle Tetsu first launched in Japan in 1990 and has opened around 100 branches around the globe since. Its signature cheesecake is thus world-famous for its jiggly dance and light, airy texture unlike regular American cheesecakes.

How big is an uncle Tetsu cheesecake?

Have you heard of Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese cheesecake? This oh-so-popular dessert from Tetsushi Mizokami, a 67-year-old entrepreneur, has appeared in T.O., and the hype has yet to die down. Customers will wait for hours for this just-baked six-inch cheesecake, finished with the hot stamp of a caricature of its owner.

Is Uncle Tetsu a real person?

Is Uncle Tetsu a real person? Yes, indeed Uncle Tetsu or his actual name Tetsushi Mizokami is a real person. He was born is Fukuoka, Hakata, Japan.

What is Uncle Tetsu cheesecake made of?

The first part consists of the cream cheese, butter, milk, egg yolk and flour which come together to create a smooth batter. Then we have the second part, which is smaller in size but is the most important to make a fluffy Japanese cheesecake: the egg white and sugar.

Can I freeze Uncle Tetsu?

So it’s best to try and eat it before a week is up, if not you can put it in the freezer. It’s absolutely fine to freeze Japanese cheesecake, in fact, it will last in the freezer for up to 3 months So if you’re making this in advance you can plan accordingly.

What cheese does Uncle Tetsu use?

Made from the finest Ghirardelli chocolate and pure, indulgent cream cheese , this is the go-to flavor for anyone with a sweet tooth. We use only Marukyu Koyanaen, the highly sought-after Japanese green tea, for our matcha Cheesecake.

Where is Uncle Tetsu from?

Tetsushi Mizokami founded the original Uncle Tetsu in Hakata, Japan Since its debut in 1985, Uncle Tetsu’s signature Japanese Cheesecakes have become an international phenomenon which has garnered fans around the globe.

How much is Japanese cheesecake in Japan?

Best of all, each cheesecake costs just 735 yen – a great deal considering the size and quality! Once a hidden gem beloved by locals, it has recently started trending on social media, making it a hit amongst trendy shoppers looking for the next big Osaka thing!.

Is Japanese cheesecake healthier?

Whereas creamy cheesecake contains 539kCal of calories. Therefore calories in the Japanese cheesecake are relatively lower when compared to others.

How many Uncle Tetsu are there?

There are currently over 45 outlets around Japan, 11 in Malaysia, 9 in Indonesia and 8 in Taiwan.

Is Uncle Tetsu a franchise?

Their Franchise Cost: The initial franchise cost is roughly from USD 300, 000 per outlet Plus a minimum of one manager and six staffs are necessary per store. In addition the appropriate ovens should be purchased and equipped. Visit their website for more information.

What is the meaning of Tetsu?

The name Tetsu is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Iron.

How many calories are in Uncle Tetsu?

There are 1168 calories in 1 cake (401.2 g) of Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake.

What does Uncle Tetsu cheesecake taste like?

When it comes to the taste, you will be surprised to find that Uncle Tetsu cakes are not aggressively sweet. Instead, they have a light custard-like flavor that’s somewhat sweet and savory at the same time.

Do you put Uncle Tetsu in fridge?

Storage of the product Our Japanese Cheesecakes can stay in room temperature for up to 12 hours. We recommend putting them in the fridge as soon as possible , and they can last refrigerated for up to 3 days. Our Madeleines can stay in room temperature for up to 3 days.

Why is my cheesecake jiggly?

If the “jiggling area” of your cheesecake is a lot bigger, it means that your cheesecake is still undercooked and raw in the middle It’s also very likely that it’ll break when you try to remove it from the pan. So leave it in the oven for 5ish minutes and check again.

Do you eat cheesecake hot or cold?

Cheesecake is best served after being heated up for a small amount of time to the point where it is warm, soft and gooey.

How does Japanese cheesecake taste like?

What does Japanese cotton cheesecake taste like? Japanese cotton cheesecakes have a melt in your mouth texture that’s sweet, tangy, and rich like a classic cheesecake , while also light and fluffy, similar to the texture of spongecakes and airy soufflé.

How many eggs are in Uncle Tetsu?

Lisa: A mix of perfectly fluffy meringue, and a traditional sour cheesecake, an Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake begins with 30 eggs whipped to stiff peak in a giant mixing bowl. Then the chef gets to making the cheesecake base, butter, cream cheese, and milk.

What’s the difference between cheesecake and Japanese cheesecake?

Let me explain: True cheesecake isn’t a cake at all, but a custard that is baked until set. Japanese cheesecake is a cake made with the addition of cream cheese It has elements of both a rich custard and a light, airy sponge cake.

Is Uncle Fluffy vegan?

Is Uncle Fluffy vegan? No, Uncle Fluffy is certainly not vegan Since we use cream cheese and eggs.

How many carbs are in a Japanese cheesecake?

Baked Japanese Cheesecake (3 pieces) contains 32g total carbs , 31g net carbs, 31g fat, 9g protein, and 440 calories.