How Many Nordhavn 57 Were Built?

Capable of crossing any ocean, over 75 of these popular cruisers have been built to date.

How many Nordhavn yachts have been built?

He does not hold a professional license. With the sailing yacht market in serious decline, in 1988 PAE built its first trawler—the Nordhavn 46 conceived by Jim Leishman and designed by his brother. As of the end of 2009, more than 500 Nordhavns had been built.

Where are Nordhavn trawlers built?

The vessels are constructed in Taiwan (Ta Shing Yachts) and China Most Nordhavns have been sold in the U.S. This is the brand that many in the marine industry use as a benchmark for quality and dependability in the world of production trawlers.

Where are Nordhavn boats built?

Nordhavn Trawlers, built in Asia for a closely held US corporation (Pacific Asian Enterprises), are regarded among the finest choices in passage making motoryachts.

What is the fastest Nordhavn?

Nordhavn unveils its newest passagemaker, the Nordhavn 41 Back in 2002, Jim Leishman, owner of Nordhavn Yachts, finished a circumnavigation on a Nordhavn 40 in a whopping 172 days. It became the world’s fastest circumnavigation of the globe in a production powerboat.

What is the range of a Nordhavn 55?

The waterline on the Nordhavn 55 for sale is more than 50 feet. With a full load, the yacht has a range of 1500 nautical miles at an efficient hull speed of 9.5 knots.

Where is Nordhavn 60 built?

Denison announces the sale of ONE LIFE, a 60 Nordhavn built in 2013, and located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Where is the Nordhavn factory?

The process to build a new Nordhavn is about 2 years, If you have a 86/96 or 120 built then it’s built in Xiamen which is our South Coast factory, anything else is made in Shanghai (we have two development factories).

What yachts are made in Taiwan?

  • The Horizon Yachts Shipyard.
  • The Dyna Yachts / Dyna Craft LTD
  • The Ocean Alexander Shipyard (Photo cred below: Yachting Magazine)
  • The Zhuhai Shipyard – Selene Yachts.
  • The Tung Hwa Shipyard – Fleming Yachts.
  • The Mares Yachts Shipyard.

Who builds Nordhavn yachts?

In 1998, PAE selected Pacific Seacraft (PSC) , a Southern California sailboat manufacturer, to build its newest design, the Nordhavn 40.

Are Nordhavn boats steel?

Nordhavn clients, of course, crisscross oceans on their yachts’ own bottoms. The Nordhavn 148, featuring a steel hull , will encourage customers to go farther.

What is the range of a Nordhavn 46?

Standard power is a single 140-hp diesel, which delivers a reported 8-knot cruising speed and a range of up to 2,000 miles She carries 1,000 gallons of fuel and 280 gallons of water.

Is Nordic Tug still in business?

Since then, Nordic Tugs has built 800 tug yachts, ranging in size from the original 26 to a 54-footer. Husted no longer owns the business, but he has remained with the company nearly three decades and today probably is best known for having conducted sea trials for all but a handful of those 800 boats.

How far can a trawler go?

They have a large fuel capacity. Fuel range is normally 1,500–3,000 miles on smaller vessels, even greater for those over 45 ft (14 m) in length. When combined with the slower speeds of a displacement hull, these features give such vessels far greater range and economy than similarly sized planing boats.

What is the range of a Nordhavn 64?

With a waterline of just under 60-feet, the Nordhavn 64 has a high cruise speed of 10.5 knots under full load conditions. At this speed, she has a range of 1600 nautical miles At 9 knots, her range increases to nearly 3,000 nautical miles.

How much does a Nordhavn 52 cost?

For comparison, the base price of the single-engined semi-custom Nordhavn 52 is $1.52m but that doesn’t include delivery to Europe or an estimated $100,000-$150,000 worth of extras on top.

Where are Fleming yachts built?

Fleming yachts have been built in the Tung Hwa yard , located just outside the busy port of Kaohsiung since 1985 when Tony Fleming selected it as the location to build the first boat of his new design.

Where is the Nordhavn 41 built?

Built in Turkey , rather than Nordhavn’s existing facilities in Taiwan and China, the price includes everything you’d need to start cruising (even shipping back to the US for its American clients).

What is the smallest Nordhavn?

The Nordhavn 41 is the smallest boat in Nordhavn’s ocean-crossing line-up. She has a range of 3,000+ nm and an anticipated cruise speed of around 7 kts.

What does a new Nordhavn 41 cost?

According to Nordhavn, you’ll pay $740,000 for delivery to the East Coast, $785,000 for West Coast delivery and $710,000 if you decide to take possession at Nordhavn’s construction facility in Turkey and thereafter cruise the Med for a couple of months before running the boat to her new homeport.

Where are Bering Yachts made?

Bering Yachts employ over 100 skilled craftsmen in our modern shipbuilding facility in Antalya, Turkey Structural steel and aluminum construction along with system redundancy and proven commercial-grade components make Bering yachts capable, reliable, comfortable and seaworthy.

How much does a Nordhavn 43 cost?

Base price of the Nordhavn 43 is $695,000 , but most buyers add an average of $200,000 more in extras and electronics.

What is the range of a Nordhavn 40?

Powered by a standard John Deere 107-hp 4045 with a dry exhaust system, the Nordhavn 40 has a range of about 2,400 nautical miles running at seven knots. The boat comes with a wing engine, too, which you can use as a get-home power plant if you have trouble with the main.

What is the range of a Nordhavn 43?

But the heart of the Nordhavn 43 is an absolutely bomb-proof, long-range engine, specifically a 160hp Lugger 1066, which gives this remarkable 43ft boat a Transatlantic range of around 3,000nm.

Is Nordhavn built in China?

The N55 is built by the SCM Xiamen China factory and over 50 N55s have been delivered. The N64 is built built by Ta Shing and 20 boats have been delivered to date. The biggest event of the year for PAE in 2004 was the successful completion of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally known as the NAR.

Where are greenline yachts manufactured?

Greenline Yachts’ boats are manufactured in Slovenia and are designed to meet the demands of the conscious navigator who appreciates the appropriate functionality, comfort, and safety.

Where are Hargrave Yachts made?

Hargrave custom yacht builders are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and are the makers of luxury yachts. They pride themselves on being one of the few builders of superyachts to offer fully custom built motor yachts for sale, in the 70 feet to 130 feet (21 meters to 40 meters) size category.

Where are Tayana Yachts built?

Tayana yachts are built at the Ta Yang yard in Taiwan , where many of today’s finest yacht builders can be found. Ta Yang started building boats in the late 1970’s with the Tayana 37, another renowned Perry design.