How Long Does It Take To Get Full Range Of Motion After Ankle Surgery?

From Weeks 13–16 , you should gain a full range of motion in non-fused joints, and you’ll be approaching a restoration of near normal strength.

How long does it take to walk normally after ankle surgery?

It takes around six to 10 weeks to recover from a broken ankle. During this time, you will probably need to wear a cast or boot. Most people are able to walk normally again and resume their daily activities by around three months Endurance will improve over time and as your strength improves.

How do you get rid of stiffness after ankle surgery?

Stiffness is normal after the cast is removed, and to get full range and strength back physiotherapy is highly recommended. At home apply hot pack few times a day, stretch ankle muscles as much as possible , and move your foot as much as possible in sitting, walk as much as possible to improve foot coordination.

How long does stiffness last after foot surgery?

Pain or discomfort usually decreases gradually over the six weeks after surgery.

What happens if you walk too soon after ankle surgery?

Putting any weight on an operated foot or ankle can damage the repair that’s been done. Bones need time to heal. Plates or screws that may have been added during surgery need the bones to heal around them. Adding weight too soon can interrupt this important internal healing process.

What is the fastest way to recover from ankle surgery?

Plan on doing nothing more than resting and elevating your limb for the first two weeks after your surgery Keep your cast or bandage dry and do not change it. Resume your normal medications, unless directed otherwise. Take your pain medications as directed.

How often should you do ankle rehab exercises?

Ankle range of motion exercises These exercises are simple motions you can do up to 5 times per day that can help you maintain your range of motion and flexibility in your ankle.

Why is my ankle so tight after surgery?

After injury, the repair processes can be damaged and slow to return to normal. At the same time, animal studies have shown us that muscles shorten up when joints are immobilized The tendons shorten up and the cartilage in and around the joint becomes unable to slide and glide.

What happens at 6 weeks after ankle surgery?

2-6 weeks: Non weight bearing with crutches/scooter and CAM Boot Boot for sleeping. May be permitted to commence gradual, progressive weight bearing in boot. 6 week review – Progressive weight bearing initially in boot then wean as comfortable, then strengthening, reintroduction of exercises.

How long does leg stiffness last?

Muscle stiffness is generally characterized by soreness and difficulty moving, sometimes accompanied by cramps, pain, or weakness. Most often, muscle stiffness will occur in the morning and last for less than 30 minutes after waking up or for a couple of days after engaging in new or more challenging exercise.

How long does it take for nerves to heal after ankle surgery?

Nerves typically grow about an inch per month, and once the insulating cover is repaired, the nerve will usually begin to heal three or four weeks afterwards. A nerve injury in the ankle above the toes may take up to a year to return feeling to the toes.

Should I wiggle my toes after ankle surgery?

Unless you have had toe surgery we suggest that you wiggle your toes for 15 seconds and rest for 15 seconds Do this for four minutes. This should be done approximately 4 times per day, separated by at least four-hour intervals.

Why does my ankle hurt months after surgery?

According to our Tarrant County podiatrist, chronic post-surgical pain after foot surgery can occur for a variety of reasons, including: Tissue damage and inflammation Damage to a nerve or nerves. Formation of scar tissue.

Can you feel the screws in your ankle?

In some cases, you may be able to feel a plate or screw if there is very little muscle or soft tissue covering them — for instance, along the outside of your ankle or the top of your hand.

How long should you elevate your leg after ankle surgery?

To reduce swelling and promote comfort, elevation is very helpful. Elevate the foot/ankle above the level of the heart, using several pillows, for at least 14 days after surgery. Do not place pillows directly behind the knee. Elevation for 30 minutes every 2 hours is a good initial recommendation.

How can I walk without a limp after ankle surgery?

As your calf muscle gets stronger your foot will be turning in more towards the midline and will help decrease your limp. Try to walk with the foot as straight as possible as this will help improve the strength of your calf muscles.

Why is ankle mobility important?

If you consider the ankle to be the first major joint that absorbs shock when your foot hits the ground, you can see why having full mobility is so important. If ankle mobility is lacking, that shock will be absorbed somewhere further up the chain and may contribute to pain at the knee, hip or even low back.

What happens if you don’t do physical therapy after ankle surgery?

By avoiding physical therapy, you’ll miss out on learning flexibility exercises The decreased flexibility after surgery can keep healing from occurring as fast. This is because inflexible joints and tissue tend to have less blood flow, which means fewer nutrients can get to the ankle to run the healing process.

How long does it take for bones to heal after ankle surgery?

Recovery After Ankle Fracture Surgery Bones take at least six weeks to heal, with severe fractures taking up to 12 weeks to heal After the surgery, it’s best to avoid putting a lot of weight on the treated ankle. Once the incisions have healed, a cast or a boot will be fitted on the ankle.

Will my ankle ever be the same after surgery?

If you had surgery to repair more than one ankle bone, it could be two years before your ankle is back to normal If you didn’t need surgery, your ankle might heal within 12 to 16 weeks.

Why are my toes numb after ankle surgery?

Numbness in your foot and/or ankle after surgery is normal, as long as your toes are warm and their usual color. A regional nerve block at your ankle causes the temporary numbness , which may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Can you walk normally after ankle surgery?

While the bones are healing, the ankle is protected with a cast and/or a walking boot Patients are often nonweightbearing for several weeks, and then they spend an additional 4-6 weeks walking in the boot. Most patients will require physical therapy for range of motion, strength, and endurance.

How long does it take to start walking after surgery?

You may feel some weakness and tiredness when you first start walking, but this is normal. Most people are moving around freely within 3-5 days after surgery.