How Does Unhei Feel About The Name Jar?

They add different names for her to choose from, but none of them seems quite right for her. On the day she is going to pick her name, the name jar mysteriously disappears, but Unhei reveals her name anyway. She tells her classmates her name is Unhei, revealing she likes her name just the way it is

Why does Unhei choose her own name at the end?

In the end, Unhei finally decides that she likes her name (which means grace) best of all and teaches the class about her name and how to pronounce it. Joey truly shows great friendship throughout the story by accepting Unhei’s name and wanting a Korean name and stamp for himself.

What does Unhei say in her new classroom when they ask her name?

On the day of her name choosing, the name jar has mysteriously disappeared. Encouraged by her new friends, Unhei chooses her own Korean name and helps everyone pronounce it— Oon-Hay.

Why did Joey take the name jar?

That evening Joey comes to visit. He explains that he took the jar because he wanted Unhei to keep her original name He suggests putting Korean nicknames into the jar for their classmates to pick—just as he already has.

What is the message of the name jar?

The Name Jar explores questions about difference, identity, and cultural assimilation When Unhei, a young Korean girl, moves to America with her family and arrives at a new school, she begins to wonder if she should also choose a new name.

What does the name Unhei mean?

Korean names mean something. Unhei means grace” “Grace!.

What is the conflict in the name jar?

The conflict in the story is Unhei is having a problem accepting her Korean name because the kids in America do not know how to pronounce it and they make fun of her.

Why did Yangsook Choi write the name jar?

Created by the award winning author and illustrator, Yangsook Choi, The Name Jar is a story of friendship and love After reading the book, I felt impacted emotionally by it, and I appreciate my own special adopted Chinese name and the name stamp more than ever.

What is the climax in the name jar?

Plot – The turning point or climax in the story was when the name jar got lost andUnhei found a piece of paper on her desk.

What level is the name jar?

Grade Level: 3rd (GLCs: Click here for grade level guidelines.).

Who are the characters in the name jar?

Characters: Unhei, Unhei’s Grandmother, Unhei’s Mother, Unhei’s Little Brother, Kids on the Bus, Mr. Kim, Mr. Cocotos, Joey, Students in the Class (Nate, Ralph, Cindy, Marco, Rosie).

When was The Name Jar written?

Oct 14, 2003 | ISBN 9780440417996 | 3-7 years Buy This title is not eligible for purchase to earn points in the Reader Rewards program.

What’s in a name lesson plan?

In this project, students learn about each others’ names, explore name meanings and related family stories, and brainstorm strategies for respectfully approaching unfamiliar names Finally, students create artistic plaques to display their names within their cultural or personal contexts.

Is The Name Jar fiction or nonfiction?

Learning Objective: Students will read a realistic fiction story about Unhei, a young girl who has just moved to the United States from Korea, and identify how her feelings about her name change throughout the story.

How did Unhei get her name?

As the story unfolds, Unhei learns the significance of her name from her mother and the friendly Korean grocer in her neighborhood. Her name, which means “graceful” in Korean, was chosen for her by a name master sought out by her mother and grandmother.

What did Unhei’s grandmother give her before the family left Korea Why was it important to both the grandmother and Unhei?

Unhei (pronounced ‘Yoon-hye’) and her family move from South Korea to America. Before they leave, her grandmother gives her a traditional wooden name stamp Unhei is nervous and scared as she waits for the bus on the first day at her new school. The children on the bus tease her because they can’t pronounce her name.

What is in a name book?

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Where does Yangsook Choi live?

After 25 years of living in Manhattan , children’s book writer and illustrator Yangsook Choi (MFA 1995 Illustration as Visual Essay) moved back to her hometown of Seoul in 2015 and found that, like her, the city had changed. “When I was living in Korea before, it was almost 100 percent monoculture,” she says.