How Do I Know If My XTEND BCAAs Are Real?

First, when you reach out and ask if you have purchased an authentic product, we can only reference the lot number that is printed on the bottom of your container and ask where the product was purchased from

Are XTEND BCAAs healthy?

It’s already the most abundant amino acid in the body and while it may have some benefits, it doesn’t look like it’s a potent supplement for muscle building. But it’s cheap and it’s probably beneficial for gut health, so there’s no harm in including it The real benefits come from the other ingredients.

What does XTEND original do?

The Official Recovery Brand of Champions Powered by 7 grams of BCAAs, which have been clinically shown to support muscle recovery and growth , XTEND ORIGINAL also contains hydrating electrolytes and additional performance ingredients to help you refuel, repair, and recover.

How many scoops of XTEND BCAA should I take?

To use, mix one scoop per 8-16 oz. of water (adjust for taste preferences). Shake well and consume up to two scoops during exercise on training days or between meals on non-training days. For best results, use two scoops per day.

Which XTEND BCAA Flavour is best?

Watermelon was the first flavor I’ve tried and it’s simply the best. After I try a flavor I inevitably end up back with Watermelon. It’s refreshing and tastes great.

Is XTEND the best BCAA?

Xtend BCAAs is the best-selling, most advanced BCAA drink mix on the planet At its heart are 7g of BCAAs in the nature-designed and research-proven 2:1:1 ratio, plus glutamine and citrulline malate.

Is XTEND BCAA good for weight loss?

By supplying valuable BCAAs and hydration, XTEND can help you both gain muscle and lose weight , two of the most sought after goals of any exerciser. Taking this supplement during workouts helps your body recover quickly, therefore keeping it operating at a high level and able to push through difficult work.

Which BCAA is best?

Top 10 Best BCAA Brands in India MuscleBlaze. MuscleBlaze BCAA supplements is one of the best BCAAs for men which helps in preventing the risk of muscle degeneration and supports muscle size and fast recovery. Scivation… Dymatize… Optimum Nutrition… Ultimate Nutrition. BPI Sports. Big Muscles. GNC.

Can too much BCAA make you gain weight?

Excessive consumption of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) may reduce lifespan, negatively impact mood and lead to weight gain , according to new Australian research on mice.

What happens if you drink too much BCAA?

When consumed in large amounts, BCAA side effects can include fatigue, loss of coordination, nausea, headaches, and increased insulin resistance (which can lead to Type 2 diabetes).

Should I eat before taking BCAA?

BCAAs should be taken either before, after or in-between a workout When you take BCAAs before exercising, you are able to preserve the lean muscle mass that would otherwise be lost due to a calorie deficit diet or training on an empty stomach to accelerate fat loss.

Do you swallow BCAA capsules?

Tablets are usually swallowed whole with water BCAAs can also be taken before or post-workout provided that the recommended daily dose is not exceeded.

Is XTEND BCAA third party tested?

Notably Xtend’s BCAAs are also tested by third party companies too , such as Informed Choice and Informed Sport, ensuring they are suitable for drug tested athletes and that their label claims are virtually 100% accurate.

Can I take BCAA everyday?

Research has shown supplemental BCAA intake to be safe for healthy adults in doses of 4-20 g per day , with prolonged intake one week or more showing greater benefits than acute (short term) intake.

When should I take XTEND?

Best time to take Xtend Because Xtend is free from stimulants, it is fine to take at any time of the day, before, during or after a workout, or at any time throughout the day on a non-workout day Xtend is best absorbed on an empty stomach, so avoid taking your dose immediately before or after a meal.

Is Xtend pre workout?

This elite pre-workout features 200mg of caffeine for pre-training energy, 7g of BCAAs for muscle preservation, CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine to help improve muscular endurance, Citrulline Nitrate (NO3-T®) to support better pumps, and a hydrating electrolyte blend.

Does Xtend ripped have caffeine?

XTEND Energy combines 125mg of caffeine , 7 grams of BCAAs, and additional performance ingredients to support energy, recovery, and hydration. It’s the perfect way to fuel up for any activity while getting a jump start on muscle recovery and repair.

Is Xtend BCAA caffeine Free?

Xtend Energy BCAA Powder, 125mg Caffeine + Sugar Free Pre Workout Muscle Recovery Drink with Amino Acids, 7g BCAAs for Men & Women, Knockout Fruit Punch, 30 Servings.

Are BCAA worth it?

To conclude, BCAA’s are worth it Many studies have shown their ability to trigger protein synthesis and help with recovery, which is ultimately their goal. They allow your body a greater chance for rebuilding and repairing muscles without harming your macros, which is ideal if on a calorie restricted diet.

Can you drink XTEND throughout the day?

XTEND is also one of the best-tasting BCAA supplements on the market, available in a wide array of delicious flavors, so it’s easy to drink throughout the day and throughout your intense training sessions.

Do BCAA really work?

BCAAs are mostly metabolized in muscle tissue. That makes BCAA supplements attractive to athletes and bodybuilders, but research doesn’t offer strong evidence for the use of BCAAs to increase muscle mass BCAA supplements may be no better for muscle growth and recovery than BCAAs from dietary sources.

Can I take BCAA without working out?

Without first working out, your body won’t really need those resources, and you won’t see the effects many have come to expect from BCAAs There is, however, one possible exception to this: the energizing effects of an amino acid-based pre-workout supplement, such as the Fast Charge mix from aminoVITAL®.

Are BCAA better in pill or powder?

We prefer powder over BCAA tablets everyday of the week. To get a good dose of branch chain amino acids that elicits a positive response on the body you need to consume between 5g and 10g each time. This can essentially mean popping 10 and 20 tablets. Powder is much more potent, and it can taste great.

Can I drink BCAA twice a day?

It’s best to take BCAA supplements — whether tablet or powder form — before a workout, up to 15 minutes pre-workout. But BCAAs can be taken up to three times a day overall, depending on serving size — so be sure to read the label.

Is XTEND a good post workout?

Taking XTEND Original BCAA Powder after a workout will help your body recover because of all the Branch Chained Amino Acids in there Sugar and carb-free amino acids that’ll get into your system and fuel you up after a workout so you feel better in pretty much every way.