How Can I Get One Health Pass?

How do I create a One health Pass?

Register for the One Health Pass (OHP) by visiting the link: and note your transaction number Non-OFWs and foreign nationals are required to have secured a pre-booked accredited Quarantine Hotel stay for 10 days.

Is there an app for One health Pass?

Travelers access the One Health Pass for the Philippines through the web-based online portal. Applicants do not need to download a mobile application The first time they enter, they must register their details.

How do I get a QR code for travel Pass Philippines?

To get the QR code, you will have to accomplish the One Health Pass Declaration Form (e-HDC) which will require you to submit personal information, health status and travel history. The forms should be filled out individually. Children are also required to have his/her own form.

When should I download the One health Pass?

Ideally, you can do this before boarding your flight. However, three days before your scheduled flight , you can already sign up in the system. The latest you can accomplish this is upon arrival at the airport. The health declaration form must be accomplished at least 24 hours before your flight.

How long does it take to register One Health Pass?

Step 1: Anyone traveling to or from the Philippines should register at least three (3) days in advance on the One Health Pass website ( to obtain a transaction number.

When should I register to One Health Pass?

One Health Pass is a platform to help manage international arrivals to the Philippines. To use this facility, one must register before their flight Go to to access the platform. It is important to fill out the fields with a red asterisk to complete the registration.

How do I get a quarantine certificate online?

Step 1: Please login to to request a copy of your BOQ Quarantine Certificate Step 2: Fill the form with correct information and upload required valid attachments for faster processing. Step 3: You can receive and download your digital certificate and notification in your email.

Where can I get quarantine certificate in the Philippines?

All travelers should register to the Bureau of Quarantine e-Health Declaration Card (e-HDC) including children. Declare your personal information, health status, and travel history. Register as early as 3 days within your departure date through

What documents do I need to travel to the Philippines?

What Do I Need to Travel to the Philippines? Passport/travel document valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines. Duly Accomplished Visa application forms. Passport photos (2 copies) Proof of bona fide status as a tourist or businessman.

How can I get my health pass transaction number?

Upon your registration with the One Registration Platform of OSS-TGMROF , you will receive a display message and an email containing your transaction number. You will need this transaction number upon registration/submission of eHDC.

How do I register a QR code?

How do I create a Registration QR Code? To create registration using QR Code, select Email in the free generator above. In the Email field, enter the target or the recipient’s email address… Now, enter the subject of the email in the next field… Then, enter the content in the body of the email.

Where can I get a QR code for travel Pass?

How do I get my S PaSS QR Code? Individuals going to LGUs that implements the use of S-PaSS must go to and create an account with a phone number. You will receive your QR Code immediately; however, this is only your personal code and should not be used as a permit when traveling.

How register E pass Philippines?

Scan the merchant QR code or search “” in the Google Play Store. Download and install the application. Accomplish the one-time fill-up form and agree to the Data Privacy Statement. Follow the OTP verification process. Fill up the Health Declaration Form.

How do I email Bureau of Quarantine in the Philippines?

Contact Page Freedom of Information (DOH) – [email protected] FOI Receiving Officer (Administrative Officer): Data Custodian (Head of Office):.

What is health pass?

A smart way to return to society. Digital Health Pass is designed to enable businesses to verify health credentials for employees, customers, fans and travelers entering their site based on their own criteria.

Do I need to quarantine in Philippines?

Required to undergo home-based quarantine or quarantine at a declared accommodation until the release of their negative RT-PCR test taken on the fifth (5th) day from date of arrival After which, they shall be required to undergo home quarantine until their fourteenth (14th) day from date of arrival.

How do I get a BOQ quarantine certificate?

Your Unified BOQ Quarantine Certificate is autogenerated in the OHP. You will be able to download and print this certificate through the “Track Swab Test” <> portal in the OHP website by entering your QR code reference number and last name.

How do I download Traze?

To download the Traze Contact Tracing App, select your phone’s App Store below: For Apple users: App Store. For Huawei users: App Gallery. For Samsung users: Samsung Galaxy Store. For Oppo users: App Market. For Vivi users: Vivo App Store. For other Android phone users not on the list: Download APK file.

How can I get barangay clearance?

Health Clearance or Medical Certificate Go to your Barangay Health Center. Request for a health certification. Take note that they may ask about your past activities and some health-related questions… Then, proceed to the City or Municipal Health Center or Hospital. Lastly, request for a health/medical certification.

What is travel pass in Philippines?

S-PaSS, launched on 26 March 2021, is an online system primarily intended to efficiently manage travels of Filipino local workers, Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFS), local tourists, and others who need to go on business from one province to the other.

How do I use Get Pass app?

Follow these steps to download and use the Get-Pass app. Step 1: First of all, you have to install the Get-Pass app… Step 2: After downloading the Get-Pass app on your device, select the ‘open’. Step 3: Click on the ‘Register Now’ option. Step 4: In this step, the Get-Pass app will ask for permission from you.

How do I get a travel pass in Manila?

There are no documents required to obtain for TPP. You simply have to go to the police station and talk to law enforcement officials about your need for the pass As of the latest report, the government is working on an online platform to make the pass easily accessible for people.

What is QR code in Philippines?

The BSP recently launched the QR PH person-to-merchant (P2M) payment facility, an electronic payment system that allows buyers to pay even small value transactions such as jeepney or tricycle fares and payments of goods and services to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) at no cost to the buyer.

What is the one health approach?

One Health is a collaborative, multisectoral, and transdisciplinary approach — working at the local, regional, national, and global levels — with the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment.