Get to know Zeb Powell: All About His Board and More

If you’re a fan of snowboarding, chances are you’ve already heard of Zeb Powell. This 21-year-old snowboarding sensation from North Carolina has made a name for himself in the snowboarding world with his incredible skills and style.

Many people have been asking about Zeb’s board- what is he riding, and how does it influence his style? In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into Zeb Powell’s board and everything related to it. We’ll also discuss some fun facts about him, his height and weight, and where you can buy his merch.

But first, let’s talk about Zeb and his background. Zeb Powell started snowboarding at a young age, and it wasn’t long before he became obsessed with the sport. He quickly became one of the best snowboarders in the region and started competing in local contests.

Zeb’s fame grew when he was featured in Burton’s “One World” snowboarding movie where he showcased his signature move, the “super ultra mega blossom.” But what kind of board does he ride, and how does it contribute to his style? That’s what we’re going to explore in this blog post.

So, whether you’re an avid fan of Zeb Powell or simply curious about the equipment used by professional snowboarders, you’re in the right place. Get ready to know everything about Zeb’s board, stance, and more.

How Tall is Zeb

Zeb Powell is a rising snowboarding star known for his impressive performances and unique style on the board. He has gained a massive following of fans who are always eager to learn more about him. One of the most common questions people ask about Zeb is, “How tall is he?”

So, let’s answer this burning question.

Zeb Powell Height

Zeb Powell is 5 feet 10 inches tall, which is about 1.78 meters. This height is considered to be optimum for snowboarding as it gives him the right balance on the board. Although he is not the tallest snowboarder on the circuit, his skills and style make him stand out from the rest.

Why Height is Important for Snowboarding

Height plays a crucial role in snowboarding. Snowboarders who are too tall or too short may find it challenging to balance and maneuver their boards effectively. Below are some reasons why height is essential for snowboarding:

  • Taller snowboarders have longer legs, which help increase stability on the board.
  • Shorter snowboarders have lower centers of gravity, giving them more control over the board.
  • The length of a snowboard is usually proportional to the rider’s height. If a snowboard is too long or too short, it can cause problems with balance and stability.

Although height is not the only important factor in snowboarding, it does have an impact on the rider’s performance. Zeb Powell’s height of 5 feet 10 inches is perfect for his style and has helped him achieve tremendous success on the circuit. While it may not be the determining factor in his success, it is undoubtedly a contributing factor to his outstanding skills on the board.

Now that we have answered the question, “How tall is Zeb Powell?” let’s move on to other exciting aspects of this incredible snowboarder.

Zeb Powell Merch

If you’re a fan of Zeb Powell and want to support him, you’ll be pleased to know that there are quite a few options available in terms of merchandise. Here are some of the most popular Zeb Powell merch items:


  • Zeb Powell’s signature ThirtyTwo boots: These boots are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, making them perfect for shredding down steep slopes.
  • Zeb Powell signature Volcom jacket: This insulated jacket features a custom Zeb Powell design and is perfect for keeping you warm while you ride.
  • Zeb Powell signature t-shirts: Show your love for Zeb Powell with one of these graphic tees featuring his signature logo.


  • Zeb Powell signature goggles: Protect your eyes while you ride with these top-of-the-line goggles, featuring Zeb’s signature logo.
  • Zeb Powell signature beanie: Keep your head warm and stylish with this custom Zeb Powell beanie.
  • Stickers: Decorate your car or board with some Zeb Powell stickers.


  • Zeb Powell signature snowboard: Ride like Zeb with his signature snowboard, designed for maximum speed and control.
  • Zeb Powell poster: Hang up one of these posters in your room to remind you to never stop shredding.
  • Zeb Powell action figure: Yes, you read that right. You can now own a miniature Zeb Powell action figure!

Investing in Zeb Powell merch not only helps support him financially, but also allows you to show off your love for the snowboarding legend. So, go ahead and grab yourself some merch and start shredding in style!

Super Ultra Mega Blossom: Zeb Powell’s Favorite Board

Zeb Powell is one of the most popular snowboarders in the world, and people are always curious about his gear. One of the most frequently asked questions is, what board does Zeb Powell ride? Well, we have the answer!

Zeb Powell rides the Capita Super Ultra Mega Blossom board. This board is a limited edition, hard-charging, and freestyle board that is perfect for Powell’s style of riding. Here are some key facts about the board:

  • The Super Ultra Mega Blossom is a hybrid camber board that features a poppy camber that delivers snappy turns and a rockered nose and tail that allows for easy float in powder.
  • The board has a medium flex that is perfect for all-mountain riding.
  • It has a twin shape, which makes it ideal for freestyle riders who like to ride switch.
  • The board is made with sustainable materials, which means it’s environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking to buy a board like Zeb Powell’s, the Capita Super Ultra Mega Blossom is an excellent choice. It’s a high-quality board that is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders who want to take their riding to the next level.

Here are some other important things to note about the Super Ultra Mega Blossom:

  • The board has a sintered base that provides excellent speed and durability.
  • It has a dual-core that is made of poplar wood and beechwood for optimal strength and responsiveness.
  • The board’s edges are made of steel, which provides great edge hold and durability on icy terrain.

In conclusion, the Capita Super Ultra Mega Blossom is the perfect board for riders who want to emulate Zeb Powell’s style of riding. It’s durable, responsive, and environmentally friendly. If you’re in the market for a new snowboard, this board is definitely worth checking out!

What is Zeb Powell’s Stance

Zeb Powell is one of the most exciting and dynamic snowboarders out there today. He is known for his fearless approach to the sport, which is reflected in his choice of equipment. So what is Zeb Powell’s stance, and how does it affect his riding style? Let’s take a closer look.

Regular or Goofy

There are two main stances in snowboarding: regular and goofy. A regular stance means that the left foot is in front, while a goofy stance means that the right foot is in front. Zeb Powell rides goofy, which means that his right foot is in front.

Direction of Riding

Zeb flows very naturally on his board, which is due in part to his riding stance. Because he rides goofy, he is more comfortable riding in a clockwise direction, which can give him an advantage on certain runs and in certain circumstances.

Width of Stance

The width of a rider’s stance is another important factor in snowboarding. A wider stance can provide more stability and balance, while a narrower stance can provide more maneuverability and control. Zeb’s stance is on the wider side, which allows him to ride with a lot of power and confidence.

Angle of Bindings

The angle of a rider’s bindings refers to the degree to which they are angled inwards or outwards. This can affect the rider’s balance and turning ability. Zeb Powell prefers to ride with a higher angle on his back binding, which gives him more control during heel turns.


As you can see, Zeb Powell’s stance is a crucial part of his riding style. His goofy stance, wide stance, and high-angle bindings all contribute to his ability to flow naturally and fearlessly on his board. Whether you’re a regular or goofy rider, there’s a lot to learn from Zeb’s approach to the sport.

Zeb Powell Height and Weight

Zeb Powell, the rising star of the snowboarding world, is known for his impressive skills on the slopes. Along with his exceptional talent, Zeb’s physical attributes also contribute to his success in the sport. Here are some key details about Zeb Powell’s height and weight:


  • Zeb Powell stands at 6 feet tall (182.88 cm).
  • His height gives him an advantage on the slopes, allowing him to cover more ground and execute tricks with ease.


  • Zeb Powell weighs around 165 pounds (74.84 kg).
  • Despite his lean physique, he possesses great strength and power, which he uses to push the limits of snowboarding.

Key Takeaways

  • Zeb Powell’s height is 6 feet (182.88 cm), and he weighs around 165 pounds (74.84 kg).
  • His height gives him an advantage on the slopes, while his lean physique belies his impressive strength and power.
  • As a rising star in the world of snowboarding, Zeb Powell’s physical attributes and exceptional talent make him a force to be reckoned with.

In conclusion, knowing the physical attributes of snowboarding icons like Zeb Powell can help us understand how they achieve their success on the slopes. While height and weight may not be the only factors responsible for their achievements, they certainly play a critical role. As fans and enthusiasts, we are excited to see what Zeb Powell has in store for us in the future.

Fun Facts About Zeb Powell

Zeb Powell is not just a pro snowboarder with remarkable skill and style; he’s also a fascinating and unique individual. Here are some fun facts you might not know about him:

Zeb Powell has an unconventional education path

Unlike most snowboarders, Zeb didn’t attend a traditional high school. Instead, he chose to be homeschooled, giving him more time to focus on his passion for snowboarding. Zeb credits his unconventional education path for allowing him to progress quickly in the sport.

He’s got great taste in music

Music has always been a big part of Zeb’s life, with punk and metal being his favorite genres. Zeb is also a talented guitarist, and he spends a lot of his time writing and recording music when he’s not snowboarding.

Zeb has a unique snowboarding style

Zeb’s style of snowboarding is unique, combining big air tricks and creative rail riding. He likes to incorporate unexpected tricks into his runs, making his style fun to watch and hard to replicate.

He’s a big fan of dogs

Zeb loves dogs and even has a rescue pup named Forrest. He can often be seen hanging out with his furry friend during his downtime.

Zeb is an expert at skating

When he’s not snowboarding, Zeb enjoys skateboarding. He’s been skating since he was a kid and has even competed in some skateboarding events.

His favorite place to snowboard is at home

Despite traveling around the world for snowboarding events, Zeb’s favorite place to ride is still his hometown of North Carolina. He loves the local mountains and the feeling of riding in his own backyard.

Zeb Powell loves giving back to the community

Zeb is passionate about making a positive impact on his community. He regularly attends charity events and has even organized his own events to raise money for causes he cares about.

In conclusion, Zeb Powell is not just a skilled snowboarder, but also a unique, talented, and kind-hearted individual. We hope you enjoyed learning some fun facts about him. Keep an eye out for him at the next snowboarding event, and don’t forget to support your local community!

Can Burton Step On Bindings Be Used on Any Board

Burton Step On Bindings are designed to work primarily with Burton snowboards. However, there is a widespread misconception that these bindings cannot be used with other brands. Here are some things to consider when thinking about using Burton Step On Bindings on other snowboards:


  • Burton Step On Bindings can work with some non-Burton snowboards with compatible mounting systems.
  • It is important to check the compatibility of your snowboard’s mounting system with the Step On Bindings.
  • Step On Bindings are not compatible with traditional snowboard binding mounting systems.


  • While it is possible to use Step On Bindings with other snowboards, performance may be compromised.
  • Using Step On Bindings that are not designed for your snowboard can result in a suboptimal riding experience.
  • It is recommended to use Step On Bindings only with compatible Burton snowboards for the best performance.


  • Safety is always a top priority when it comes to snowboarding.
  • Using bindings that are not designed for your snowboard can compromise safety.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the binding and snowboard are compatible and safe to use together.

In conclusion, while it is possible to use Burton Step On Bindings with some non-Burton snowboards, it is essential to check compatibility and ensure safety. To maximize performance, it is recommended to use Step On Bindings only with compatible Burton snowboards. Happy snowboarding!

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