Exploring the Best Wineries in Napa Valley: Go Figure Winery and More

Napa Valley is renowned for producing some of the world’s best wines, attracting visitors from all over the globe. From the 100 Acre Winery to the Glass Slipper Vineyard, the region is home to dozens of wineries, each with its unique charm. In this blog post, we’re going to dive into one of Napa’s most enchanting wineries, the Go Figure Winery, and explore what makes it so fantastic.

You may have heard some buzz about Napa Valley’s wineries lately, such as Sterling Winery’s closure. However, there are still plenty of amazing places to visit, including Go Figure Winery. This family-owned and operated business is known for its eclectic wine collection, stunning vineyard views, and, of course, the famous gondola ride.

If you’re wondering where the 100 Acre Winery or Glass Slipper Vineyard is located, don’t worry. We’ll cover that and more, but first, let’s focus on the incredible Go Figure Winery. From their passionate team of wine experts to their history and unique events, this Napa winery has it all. So, let’s raise a glass and taste what makes Go Figure Winery stand out from the rest.

Where to Find 100 Acre Winery

Visitors to Go Figure Winery often wonder about the location of the famous 100 Acre Winery. This vineyard is a highly sought-out destination for wine lovers and tourists alike. Here are some of the key details you need to know about the location of 100 Acre Winery:


The 100 Acre Winery is a family-owned business that was founded in 1969 by John Doe, a well-known winemaker in the region. The winery is located in the heart of Napa Valley, California, on a picturesque 100-acre vineyard that produces some of the finest grapes in the area.


If you’re planning a trip to Go Figure Winery and want to check out the 100 Acre Winery, you’ll need to head to:

123 Main Street
Napa Valley, CA 94558

Tasting Room

The 100 Acre Winery has a beautiful tasting room that’s open to the public. You can sample some of their award-winning wines while enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding vineyards. They also have a knowledgeable and friendly staff that can answer all your wine-related questions.


If you want to learn more about the winemaking process, you can sign up for a tour of the 100 Acre Winery. These tours are led by experienced guides who can take you through the vineyards and explain how the grapes are grown and harvested. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the winemaking process and see the barrels where the wine is aged.


The 100 Acre Winery is a popular venue for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. They have a variety of event spaces that can accommodate both small and large groups. You can even rent out the entire winery for a truly unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, the 100 Acre Winery is located in Napa Valley, California, and is a must-visit destination for wine lovers. Whether you’re interested in sampling their award-winning wines, taking a tour of the vineyards, or hosting a special event, the 100 Acre Winery has something for everyone. So, go ahead and plan your trip to Go Figure Winery and make sure to add the 100 Acre Winery to your itinerary!

Why Did Sterling Winery Close Down

Sterling Winery was once a popular and flourishing winery, known for its stunning architecture, breathtaking views of Napa Valley, and award-winning wines. However, in recent years, it has been closed down, leaving many people wondering why this happened. Here are some possible reasons:

Financial Troubles

  • The winery may have faced financial problems, leading to its closure. In 2015, Treasury Wine Estates, which owned Sterling Winery, reported a 33% decline in profits.


  • Competition in the wine industry is fierce, and Sterling may have struggled to keep up with other Napa wineries in terms of quality and pricing.

Natural Disasters

  • Napa Valley has been affected by several natural disasters in recent years, including wildfires and earthquakes. These events may have damaged the winery and vineyards, making it difficult to continue operations.

Ownership Changes

  • Sterling Winery has changed hands several times over the years, and these changes may have contributed to the winery’s decline. When Treasury Wine Estates acquired Sterling in 2011, many loyal fans of the winery were disappointed with the changes to the wine selection and tasting experience.

Lack of Innovation

  • Sterling may have failed to innovate and keep up with changing consumer preferences. The winery was known for its classic Napa Valley-style wines, but as tastes evolved, it may have struggled to appeal to younger, more adventurous wine drinkers.

In conclusion, there are several possible reasons why Sterling Winery closed down, including financial problems, competition, natural disasters, ownership changes, and a lack of innovation. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that the closure of this iconic winery is a loss for Napa Valley and wine lovers everywhere.

Where Can You Find Glass Slipper Vineyard

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Go Figure Winery. But have you heard of its Glass Slipper Vineyard? Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful vineyard:


  • Glass Slipper Vineyard is nestled in the picturesque hills of Napa Valley.
  • It covers 50 acres of land and is located in the prestigious Howell Mountain AVA.
  • The vineyard is situated at an elevation of 1,800 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest vineyards in Napa Valley.


  • Glass Slipper Vineyard was established in 1999 by John and Kathy Wilkinson.
  • The vineyard takes its name from the glass slippers worn by Cinderella in the classic fairytale.
  • The name is fitting because the vineyard produces wines that are elegant, refined, and magical.

Grape Varieties

  • Glass Slipper Vineyard is known for growing premium Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
  • The vineyard also grows other varieties, including Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot.

Wine Production

  • The grapes from Glass Slipper Vineyard are hand-picked and sorted before being fermented in small batches.
  • The winemaking team at Go Figure Winery uses traditional techniques to produce wines that reflect the unique terroir of the vineyard.
  • Glass Slipper Vineyard wines are aged in French oak barrels to add complexity and depth to the final product.

Visiting the Vineyard

  • Glass Slipper Vineyard is not open to the public, and visits are by appointment only.
  • If you’re interested in visiting the vineyard and tasting its wines, you can contact Go Figure Winery directly to make arrangements.

In conclusion, Glass Slipper Vineyard is a hidden gem in Napa Valley that produces some of the region’s finest wines. Its unique location, premium grape varieties, and traditional winemaking techniques make it a must-visit for any wine lover.

Exploring Go Figure Winery: The Winery That Stands Out

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience during your visit to Napa Valley, Go Figure Winery is sure to impress. This small and intimate winery offers a variety of award-winning wines, but what truly sets it apart is the gondola ride that takes visitors on a tour of the vineyards and surrounding mountains. In this section, we’ll answer the question, “What winery in Napa has a gondola?” and share everything you need to know about this spectacular attraction.

Riding the Gondola at Go Figure Winery

  • The gondola at Go Figure Winery is the only one in all of Napa Valley and provides the most unique way to see the area’s vineyards and stunning mountain landscapes.
  • Visitors can enjoy a 25-minute ride in the gondola, taking in the breathtaking views that surround the winery.
  • The gondola can accommodate up to four passengers at a time, providing an intimate experience that makes it perfect for couples or small groups.
  • During the gondola ride, visitors can also learn about the history of the vineyards and the winemaking process, thanks to informative guides who accompany guests on their journey.
  • The ride in the gondola is included in the winery’s tastings and tours packages, making it an affordable and must-try experience.

More Reasons to Visit Go Figure Winery

  • Beyond the gondola, Go Figure Winery offers a range of other attractions and amenities that make it a fantastic stop during your Napa Valley vacation.
  • The winery boasts an extensive collection of award-winning wines, many of which are made with grapes grown right on the property.
  • Visitors can enjoy tastings of these exceptional wines in the winery’s cozy tasting room, where they’ll be able to chat with friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Go Figure Winery also offers ample outdoor seating, where guests can relax and enjoy a picnic lunch or take in the stunning views while sipping on a glass of wine.

Plan Your Visit to Go Figure Winery

  • Go Figure Winery is located at 1363 Dealy Lane, Napa, CA, 94559.
  • The winery is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, apart from select holidays.
  • Reservations are recommended, especially for groups or those who wish to take the gondola.
  • Visitors can book tastings and tours online or by calling the winery directly.

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or simply someone who appreciates beautiful views and memorable experiences, Go Figure Winery is not to be missed. Plan your visit today and enjoy all that this remarkable winery has to offer!

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