Exploring Fort Lauderdale Weather in December: A Guide to Winter Fun in South Florida

Are you dreaming of a sunny and warm getaway this winter? If so, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is an excellent destination to consider. With average temperatures in the mid-70s, December is a perfect time to enjoy the excellent weather and a host of outdoor activities. In this post, we’ll explore what makes Fort Lauderdale such a great choice for your next winter vacation, including nearby Miami’s weather in December, what to expect in Fort Lauderdale in January, and a list of exciting things to do in Fort Lauderdale in December. Let’s dive in!

Fort Lauderdale Weather in December: A Winter Escape to the Sunshine State

fort lauderdale weather december

If you’re tired of shoveling snow and bundling up in layers, it’s time to head south for a winter getaway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. December is an excellent time to visit the Sunshine State, where you can soak up the sun, relax on the beach, and enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about frostbite. But what is the Fort Lauderdale weather like in December, and what should you pack for your trip? Here’s what you need to know.

The Average Fort Lauderdale Weather in December

In December, Fort Lauderdale enjoys some of its most pleasant weather of the year. The average high temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius), while the average low temperature is 62 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius). The humidity is relatively low, ranging from 59% to 84%, which makes the weather feel comfortable and refreshing.

What to Pack for Fort Lauderdale in December

When packing for your trip to Fort Lauderdale in December, think breezy and beachy. Bring lightweight clothing that breathes, such as shorts, sundresses, and tank tops. Don’t forget your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Flip-flops, sandals, or other open-toed shoes are appropriate for most occasions, but bring comfortable walking shoes if you plan to explore the city or go on excursions. Evenings can be slightly cooler, so pack a light jacket or sweater to wear at night.

Fun Activities in Fort Lauderdale in December

Fort Lauderdale is a vibrant city that offers a variety of fun activities for visitors of all ages. Explore the beaches to swim, surf, or catch some rays. Rent a bike and cycle along the Intracoastal Waterway, or try paddleboarding or kayaking to see manatees and dolphins up close. Visit the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, a historic estate surrounded by lush gardens, or take a guided tour of the Everglades to see alligators, panthers, and other wildlife. For a festive holiday experience, attend Winterfest, Fort Lauderdale’s famous boat parade that takes place in early December and features dozens of brightly lit boats cruising along the waterways.

Escape the winter blues and bask in the warm sunshine of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in December. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities, and there’s plenty to see and do in this lively beach city. Pack your swimsuit, sun hat, and comfortable shoes, and get ready to experience the best of what the Sunshine State has to offer.

Miami Weather in December

Ah, Miami, the city that never sleeps! With its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and delicious cuisine, Miami is one of the most popular places to visit in Florida, especially in December. But what’s the weather like in Miami during the winter? Let’s take a look.

Average Temperatures

Don’t let the winter season fool you— Miami’s weather is still quite warm during December, with average temperatures ranging from 64°F to 78°F. With plenty of sunshine throughout the day, you’ll feel right at home as you soak up the warm rays of the sun while walking on the beach.

Chance of Rain

fort lauderdale weather december

While Miami certainly isn’t known for its rainy days, December is still a wetter month than others, with chances of rain averaging around 23%. Don’t let that discourage you, though, as rain usually lasts for only a couple of hours, and before you know it, the sun is back out in full force.

Must-Pack Items

When traveling to Miami in December, make sure to pack light, breathable clothing such as cotton and linen, as well as a comfortable pair of sneakers for long walks. Flip flops and sandals are a must when walking on the beach, and don’t forget your swimsuit for a refreshing dip in the ocean. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or sweater, as nights can get chilly.

Fun Activities

In Miami, there’s always something fun to do, regardless of the weather. Take a stroll along Ocean Drive and admire the Art Deco architecture, or visit the famous Wynwood Walls for an immersive art experience. For animal lovers, a trip to the Miami Seaquarium is a must, while sports enthusiasts can catch a Miami Heat basketball game or a Miami Dolphins football game at Hard Rock Stadium.

Miami in December is a perfect escape from the cold weather up north. With its warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, and a plethora of activities to participate in, Miami is a great place to visit in the winter. Just remember to pack light, stay hydrated, and have fun!

Fort Lauderdale Weather in January: What to Expect

If you happen to be in Fort Lauderdale and you’re wondering what January weather looks like, hold on and grab a cozy blanket because this might freak you out a little bit. Don’t get us wrong; we are not trying to scare you off or something, but you might want to prepare.

Cold Winds from the North Pole

The month of January in Fort Lauderdale is nothing like December, that’s for sure. The wind direction takes an about-face as the cold air coming down from the North Pole reaches the city. Yes, you heard that right. You should expect days that are not only chilly but also windy.

Cool Days and Warmer Nights

fort lauderdale weather december

The temperature ranges from 66°F (19°C) in the early morning to about 75°F (23°C) during the daytime. You can expect the early morning hours to be chilly, but as the day progresses, the temperature rises. However, you should expect the same coolness at night as you experienced during the early morning hours.

Rainy and Humid

Be sure to pack your rain gear because January is known to be one of the rainiest months in Fort Lauderdale. The city receives an average of about 2-3 inches of rain during this month. Due to the cool temperatures in January, the humidity levels in Fort Lauderdale can be a little high.

What to Pack

If you are planning on visiting Fort Lauderdale in January, you need to make sure you pack accordingly. Pack light clothes for the warm afternoons and warm clothes for the chilly early morning hours. You could include a light jacket, sweater, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes for rainy days.

In conclusion, Fort Lauderdale weather in January is a mixture of cold winds, chilly early mornings, and warm afternoons. You should also expect it to rain, but this should not deter you from visiting the city. With the proper preparation, you can still enjoy the beauty of the city, even in January.

Is Fort Lauderdale Warm in December

December marks the start of the winter season in most parts of the United States. Snowflakes, frost, and icy roads are a common occurrence, but not in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re planning a getaway to the Sunshine State in December, you might be wondering, “Is Fort Lauderdale warm in December?” Well, in this subsection, we answer that question and more.

fort lauderdale weather december

Average Temperature in Fort Lauderdale in December

On any given day in December, the temperature in Fort Lauderdale ranges from 59°F (15°C) to 77°F (25°C). Yes, you read that right. It’s warm in Fort Lauderdale in December. The average temperature during the day is around 73°F (23°C), which, for most people, is still shorts and flip-flops weather. Nights can get slightly cooler, dropping to about 64°F (18°C), but nothing that a light jacket or sweater can’t fix.

Why Fort Lauderdale is Warm in December

Fort Lauderdale’s favorable climate can be attributed to its subtropical location. Unlike other parts of the country that experience dramatic temperature drops during the winter months, Fort Lauderdale’s temperature remains relatively stable. Additionally, Fort Lauderdale is geographically located near the Gulf Stream, which provides warm currents that keep the region warm all year round.

What to Pack for Fort Lauderdale in December

When packing for a trip to Fort Lauderdale in December, leave behind your thick winter coats, boots, and gloves. Instead, pack light, breathable clothes that are comfortable to wear in warm weather. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat are also essential items to pack to protect yourself from the sun’s intense rays. Don’t forget to pack a pair of sneakers or sandals if you plan on taking a stroll on Fort Lauderdale’s sandy beaches.

Activities to Do in Fort Lauderdale in December

With warm, sunny days and cool nights in December, there’s a host of activities to do in Fort Lauderdale. Take a stroll down Las Olas Boulevard for great shopping, dining, and entertainment. Go on a sunset cruise or take a dip in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Tour the Everglades National Park or visit the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. There’s something for everyone in Fort Lauderdale.

In conclusion, Fort Lauderdale is undoubtedly warm in December, making it the perfect getaway for those seeking to escape the cold weather. If you’re planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale, pack light, breathable clothes, plan exciting activities, and get ready to bask in the Florida sun.

Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale in December

Winter in Fort Lauderdale is fantastic! It’s the perfect time for you to take a break from the chilly temperatures in, say, Boston, Springfield, or Worcester, and just bask in the glorious sunshine and fun activities that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Below are some of the fun things you can do in December while in Fort Lauderdale.

Visit the Beach

There’s nothing better than relaxing on Fort Lauderdale’s beaches, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the salt air. December boasts some of the best beach weather, making it an ideal time to check out the coast. Head down to Fort Lauderdale Beach, Pompano Beach, Hollywood Beach or Lauderdale-by-the-sea for some fun in the sun.

Take a Water Taxi Tour

If you want a different perspective of the city, a water taxi tour is the way to go. See the city from the Intracoastal Waterway and discover the various tourist hotspots such as the mega yachts at Bahia Mar and Las Olas Boulevard. The water taxi service offers hop-on-hop-off services, allowing you to explore Fort Lauderdale at your leisure.

Explore Museum of Discovery and Science

The Museum of Discovery and Science offers exhibits that cater to both the kids and the kids-at-heart. The museum is an educational and exciting experience, with hands-on exhibits and live animal displays. Check out the interactive exhibits, laser light shows, and the chance to get up close and personal with a giant 13-foot anaconda.

Take a Stroll Through Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Located just north of Fort Lauderdale Beach, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park sits on 180 acres. It’s a nature lover’s paradise with walking paths, picnic areas, and cycling trails. The park is a perfect spot to take the family for a stroll or picnic, or just relax on one of the numerous benches and watch the boats sail by.

Dine at Fantastic Restaurants

Fort Lauderdale boasts an impressively diverse dining scene with something for everyone. From upscale dining in downtown galleries to casual dining on the beach, there’s always something delicious to savor in Fort Lauderdale.

With plenty of activities to choose from, Fort Lauderdale is a haven for tourists seeking a great place to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you love the outdoors or the indoors, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy in our charming city. So, pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and come experience the beauty of Fort Lauderdale this December!

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