Does Molly Moon’s Have Dairy-Free Ice Cream?

All Molly Moon’s shops are now scooping our brand new Vegan Melted Chocolate flavor ! This dairy-free version of our beloved Melted Chocolate is made with melted Theo Chocolate and organic coconut milk.

Does Molly Moon’s make their own ice cream?

Our decadent ice creams and sorbets are churned daily by a skilled team of dedicated ice cream makers just behind the swinging doors in our Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, U-Village, Redmond and Columbia City scoop shops.

Is Molly Moon ice cream gluten free?

Most our flavors are gluten free ! In fact, the only flavors on our always menu that contains wheat products is our cookie dough, cookies & cream and ‘Scout’ Mint, which is made with Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.

Does Molly Moon’s ice cream have eggs?

dietary and allergy notes The letters in brackets denote items that are vegan (v), or that contain gluten (g), egg (e) , or nuts (n). All of our shops are peanut-free.

Does Molly Moons have dog ice cream?

All the Molly Moon’s locations (9 in the greater Seattle area) are dog-friendly , and most even have a little treat jar on the counter so doggo can have a goodie while you’re waiting for yours. Fun fact: the company’s logo is actually modeled after Molly’s French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix, Parker Posey.

Is Molly Moons ice cream pasteurized?

Molly Moon’s had to throw away $25,000 worth of ice cream, said CEO Molly Moon Neitzel. The company makes its own ice cream, but its dairy and sugar are pasteurized by Snoqualmie in its facility.

How much is a scoop at Molly Moons?

We charge $4.25 a scoop and $9.50 for an 18-ounce “scooper’s pint.” Because of a global shortage of vanilla beans, a gallon of organic vanilla costs us $420.

Is Salt and Straw only in Oregon?

Salt & Straw has locations in Portland, Oregon , Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle.

Is Molly Moon kosher?

This flavor is a favorite of Molly Moon’s from her college days in Missoula Montana, working at Big Dipper Ice Cream (her first ice cream job!). Our salted caramel dares to be saltier than all the others! We use kosher sea salt and homemade caramel, made with local hormone-free cream and butter and organic cane sugar.

Does Molly Moon do milkshakes?

In case you didn’t know, we have milkshakes on the menu ! Scoopers in our shops can make custom shakes for those who’d rather sip their ice cream! This one’s salted caramel and fudge, but with 14 flavors, just think of the possibilities!.

When did Molly Moons open?

It’s the simple truth that led Molly Moon Neitzel to open up her first scoop shop in 2008 Once a feisty kid with a big sweet tooth and even bigger plans to change the world, Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream is the product of Molly’s desire to create a vibrant, welcoming community gathering place for Seattlites.

Can dogs eat waffle cones?

But again, it’s a good idea to serve small, infrequent portions of these foods to your pet to avoid building lactose intolerance If you do feed your dog ice cream cones, make sure that the ice cream and cone are made from natural ingredients to avoid ingestion of xylitol, a sugar substitute that is toxic to dogs.

Who is Molly Moon?

Molly Moon ( Raffey Cassidy ) lives in an orphanage with her best friend Rocky (Jadon Carnelly-Morris) and her pug dog, Petula. After discovering a book about hypnotism, and learning how to hypnotise, she uses her powers to escape to London and star in a play on the West End.