Destiny 2 Split Screen: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a gamer, you probably know about Destiny 2, a popular first-person shooter game from Bungie. Destiny 2 is all about teaming up with friends to complete missions and take on enemies together. But what if you want to play with your friend on the same console? That’s where split-screen comes in.

If you’re wondering whether Destiny 2 has split-screen functionality, the answer is a bit complicated. Destiny 2 does not have split-screen gameplay for its online modes. However, there is some split-screen support for local multiplayer activities on consoles.

If you have played the original Destiny game, you may know that split-screen co-op gameplay was available in some features. Unfortunately, this feature was not carried over when Bungie released Destiny 2. This has left many players disappointed, but Bungie has stated that their focus is on creating a great online experience.

If you’re playing on a console like the PS5 and looking for split-screen games, you might have some options, such as Call of Duty or Rocket League. Unfortunately, Destiny 2 does not have split-screen functionality for online co-op gameplay.

Although Destiny 2 does not have split-screen gameplay, it still has a lot to offer players who love to play with friends. You can still team up with friends online to complete missions and engage in other activities.

In conclusion, if you want to play Destiny 2 with your friend on the same console, you won’t be able to do so through online co-op gameplay in a split-screen. However, Destiny 2 offers an immersive experience with a rich and engaging world, exciting gameplay, and various quests.

The Benefits of Destiny 2 Split Screen Play

Destiny 2 is an epic and engaging game that has rapidly taken the gaming world by storm. Whether you’re playing with friends or playing solo, it’s addictive and thrilling, with engaging graphics that keep you glued to the screen. With split-screen play now available, the game is even more accessible and enjoyable. In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of using Destiny 2 split-screen play.

destiny 2 split screen

1. Enhance Your Gaming Experience with Friends and Family

One of the benefits of split-screen play is that you can now play with friends and family on the same console. This means you can share the thrill and excitement of playing this fantastic game with your loved ones. It’s an excellent way to bond and spend quality time together, especially during this pandemic period.

2. Save Money on Multiple Consoles

Another benefit of split-screen play is that it eliminates the need to buy multiple consoles to play the game with your family and friends. With split-screen play, all you need is an additional controller, and you can share the same console. This is a huge plus, considering that the cost of multiple consoles can be quite expensive.

3. Better Game Strategy

When playing with someone else on the same console, you can come up with more effective strategies. You can divide and conquer, playing different roles and covering multiple areas at the same time. This makes it easier to achieve your in-game goals and objectives faster.

4. More Engaging Game Modes

Destiny 2 split-screen play also opens up new game modes that are more engaging and challenging. The new game modes are specially designed for split-screen play, meaning that they are more fun and fulfilling.

5. Sharpen Your Skills

Playing with your friends or family on the same screen helps you sharpen your skills and hone your gaming abilities. You get to learn new techniques and strategies from those you play with while sharing your own skills and tricks with them.

6. Reduces Screen Time

Another benefit of split-screen play is that it reduces screen time. Rather than playing by yourself for hours, you can share your gaming time with others without spending more time in front of a screen.

In conclusion, split-screen play is a fantastic feature to have in Destiny 2. It adds a new dimension to the game by allowing you to play with friends and family on the same console. Use the above benefits of split-screen play as you get started and explore this fantastic feature in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Co-op: How to Play with Friends

Destiny 2 is a fantastic game that can become even better when you play it with friends. Co-op play is a great way to enjoy the game while sharing the experience with others. In this section, we will discuss the basics of co-op play in Destiny 2 and how to go about it.

What is co-op play in Destiny 2

Co-op play in Destiny 2 means playing with other players or friends to complete missions, quests, and other activities. It allows you to team up with other players to complete challenging content, which can be done either locally or online.

How do I enable co-op play in Destiny 2

Before we get into how to enable co-op play, you need to understand that there are two types of co-op play modes: campaign and multiplayer. The campaign mode is where you complete the story missions, while multiplayer is where you can play in a team with others to compete with other groups. Here’s how to enable co-op play:

  • Campaign mode:
  • First, complete the tutorial mission.
  • Then, go to the director and select the campaign.
  • Invite your friend to the fireteam by going to the roster and selecting their name.

  • Multiplayer mode:

  • Select the multiplayer game mode from the director.
  • Invite your friend to your fireteam after selecting the game type.
  • You can check if your friend has joined by looking at the bottom of your screen.

What are the benefits of playing co-op in Destiny 2

The benefits of playing co-op mode in Destiny 2 are numerous:

  • It helps you complete activities faster.
  • You can share resources like ammo and weapons.
  • It helps you learn from other players’ skills and strategies.
  • It is more fun playing with friends than going solo!

Can I play co-op locally on the same console

Yes, you can play co-op locally on the same system. However, the split-screen option is not available in Destiny 2.

What are the co-op modes available in Destiny 2

Here are the different co-op modes available in Destiny 2:

  • Strike – It’s a three-player co-op mode where you compete against bosses and other enemies.
  • Nightfall – It’s a three-player co-op mode that consists of more challenging activities.
  • Raid – It’s a six-player co-op mode that requires teamwork, and you will face the most challenging content.

Co-op play is an excellent way to experience Destiny 2 with your friends. Whether you’re completing campaign missions or multiplayer activities, you’ll have a great time working together. We hope this guide has been helpful in enabling you to start co-op play with your friends. So, grab your friends, and let’s play some Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 Split Screen and Its Predecessor, Destiny 1 Split Screen

Destiny 2 is a fantastic game that is even better when you play it with friends. Players have been eagerly awaiting split-screen support in Destiny 2 for a long time. Fortunately, the developers finally added it in the latest update.

Before discussing Destiny 2 split-screen, let’s talk about the split-screen in Destiny 1. Destiny 1 was released in 2014 and was an immediate hit with gamers. With an exciting storyline, engaging gameplay, and a massive open-world, it quickly gathered a large fan following. The ability to split-screen was a crucial feature in the first Destiny game that allowed players to enjoy the game with a friend on the same screen.

Here are some vital aspects of Destiny 1 split-screen that you should know:


Split-screen in Destiny 1 was possible on only the console versions of the game, which include PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The split-screen feature was not available on the PC version of the game.

Control Scheme

Players who opted for split-screen in Destiny 1 had to share the same console and screen, which means that they also had to share the same input devices. Players who opted for split-screen had to use two controllers simultaneously to play.

Screen Setup

Destiny 1 split-screen allowed two players to play together on a single screen, which was fantastic for players who wanted to enjoy the game with their friends or siblings. The vertical split-screen helped maintain the aspect ratio, providing each player with an equal screen area.


Although split-screen in Destiny 1 was a great feature, it had its limitations. Two players could only play the story mode in co-op mode and could not participate in raids or PvP modes. Additionally, the split-screen feature was not available on the entire game, and some features required players to switch to a full-screen mode.

Final Words

Destiny 1 split-screen was an essential feature that allowed players to enjoy the game with their friends in a more immersive way. Although it had its limitations, it was still a great way to experience the game. However, in Destiny 2, you can now enjoy split-screen on all game modes, which is a significant improvement over its predecessor.

PS5 Split Screen Games

Since the release of the PS5, gamers have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of split screen games. Split screen gaming is a great way to play with friends and family, promoting teamwork and friendly competition. Fortunately, there are several PS5 split screen games available, and they are just as exciting as playing alone.

Here are some of the best PS5 split screen games to try:

1. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

destiny 2 split screen

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a delightful platformer that can be played with up to four players. It is a perfect game for families with young children. The game is vibrant, colorful, and has an excellent soundtrack that everyone will enjoy.

2. FIFA 21

FIFA 21 is an excellent game to play with friends. It is a soccer game that can be played by up to four players, and the split screen mode lets everyone play on the same screen. The gameplay is smooth and realistic, and it’s sure to provide hours of fun.

3. Call of Duty: Cold War

Call of Duty: Cold War is a game that needs no introduction. The split screen mode allows up to two players to play together on the same screen. It provides realistic graphics, sound effects, and an overall immersive gaming experience.

4. Overcooked: All You Can Eat

Overcooked: All You Can Eat is a fun and challenging cooking game that can be played with up to four players. The game requires excellent teamwork, and the split screen mode makes it easier to work together. With colorful graphics and exciting gameplay, this game is sure to provide hours of fun.

5. Dirt 5

For racing game fans, Dirt 5 is an excellent option for split screen gaming. It allows up to four players to race together on the same track. The controls are smooth, and the graphics are stunning, making it a must-try for racing game enthusiasts.


Playing split screen games with friends and family can be a memorable experience. With these PS5 split screen games, everyone can enjoy the game together. These games provide hours of fun and will keep you coming back for more.

Is Destiny 2 a Two-Player Game

Destiny 2 is a popular multiplayer game that allows players to team up and embark on various missions and activities. However, when it comes to split screen gameplay, some players might wonder if Destiny 2 supports two-player mode. In this section, we’ll explore the answer to this question and provide additional information to help players maximize their Destiny 2 experience.

Understanding Split Screen Gaming

Before getting into whether Destiny 2 supports two-player mode, it’s essential to understand what split screen gaming entails. Split screen gaming involves dividing an electronic screen into multiple sections to allow multiple players to view different screens simultaneously. In split screen mode, each player controls a particular character or avatar, and the game progresses based on each player’s actions.

Does Destiny 2 Support Two-Player Mode

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Destiny 2 does not support split screen gaming. While it’s a multiplayer game, players cannot team up on the same console and play it together locally using split-screen mode. You can still enjoy the game’s content and team up with other players online, but you’ll need a separate console and screen to play together locally physically.

What are the Alternatives to Two-Player Split-Screen Mode in Destiny 2

While it may be a bit disappointing that Destiny 2 does not support two-player mode, there are still alternative ways to enjoy the game together with your friends locally. Here are two of the most popular alternatives:

  • Online Co-op: While you can’t play together locally, you can always team up with your friends online and embark on missions, quests, raids, and other activities together in Destiny 2.
  • LAN Party: A LAN party involves connecting multiple consoles or systems using a local area network (LAN). You and your friends can connect your consoles, join each other’s fireteams, and play together in the same physical location.

Ultimately, playing Destiny 2 online co-op or getting together for a LAN party with your friends is a fantastic way to enjoy this popular game and share the fun with others.

While Destiny 2 may not have a two-player split-screen mode, there are still several ways to enjoy the game with your friends locally. With online co-op and LAN parties, you can still team up with your friends and enjoy all the exciting content and adventures that Destiny 2 has to offer. So, whether you’re an experienced player or a newcomer to the game, go out there and have some fun!

Destiny 2 Dual Screen Wallpaper

If you’re a fan of Destiny 2’s stunning graphics, then you might want to consider setting up a dual screen wallpaper for your gaming setup. This will not only give your gaming computer a unique and personalized look but also enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that:

Find a High-Quality Dual Screen Wallpaper

The first step to setting up a dual screen wallpaper for your Destiny 2 gaming setup is to find a high-quality wallpaper that will span across both of your monitors seamlessly. You can find some amazing dual screen wallpapers on popular wallpaper websites like Wallpaper Engine, Wallpaper Abyss, and Wallhaven. Choose a wallpaper that aligns with your gaming preferences, including your preferred characters, scenes, or planets.

Configure Your Display Settings

Once you have found the perfect dual screen wallpaper for your Destiny 2 gaming setup, it’s time to configure your display settings. Go to your computer’s display settings and select the “Dual Screen” option. Then, select the dual screen wallpaper that you have just downloaded.

Optimize Your Dual Screen Wallpaper

For optimum viewing experience, you’ll need to optimize your dual screen wallpaper. Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

  • Adjust the brightness and contrast of your screens: This will help ensure that both screens display the same color intensity, saturation, and contrast.

  • Make sure your screens are at the same resolution: If your screens have different resolutions, you might need to adjust the size and position of your wallpaper accordingly.

  • Use an image-editing software: You can also use an image editor like Photoshop to make the necessary adjustments to your dual screen wallpaper.

Bonus Tip

If you don’t want to use a static dual screen wallpaper, you can opt to use a live wallpaper. Live wallpapers are animated wallpapers that feature captivating scenes, characters, or actions. While the selection of live wallpapers for Destiny 2 might be limited, you can still find some amazing live wallpapers on Wallpaper Engine.

In conclusion, setting up a dual screen wallpaper for your Destiny 2 gaming setup is a great way to add a touch of personalization and enhance your gaming experience. So go ahead, find that perfect wallpaper, optimize your display settings and enjoy your customized gaming setup!

Is Destiny 2 Cross-Platform Co-Op

Destiny 2 is a popular first-person shooter game with lots of exciting features. One of the main questions that Destiny 2 enthusiasts ask is whether it supports cross-platform co-op gameplay. In this subsection, we’ll dive deep into this topic and provide you with all the information you need to know.

What is Cross-Platform Co-Op

Cross-platform co-op is the ability to play a game with people who use different platforms than the one you’re using. In other words, you can play with your friends who are using Xbox, PlayStation, or Windows PC while you’re playing on a different device.

Is Destiny 2 Cross-Platform Co-Op Supported

Unfortunately, Destiny 2 doesn’t support cross-platform co-op as of yet. However, Bungie, the game developer, has promised to add cross-play support in late 2021. As per their announcement, players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC will be able to play together in the same fireteam. This is great news for every Destiny 2 fan who wants to enjoy the game with their friends regardless of the platform they use.

destiny 2 split screen

How Will Cross-Play Work in Destiny 2

Bungie’s plan is to make cross-play an opt-in feature that players can enable if they want to. There are three modes that will feature cross-play support: Strike, Gambit, and Crucible. However, there are still some details they need to work on, such as how console players will match with PC players. Rest assured, Bungie has promised to release more information on this soon.

Can I Play With Players on Different Consoles

No, you can’t play with players on different consoles right now. The only way players on different consoles can play together is by chance. For example, if two players who use different consoles get randomly matched while playing the same game mode, they can play together.

Can I Transfer My Progress Between Platforms

Yes, Destiny 2 allows you to transfer your progress between platforms. The game features cross-save support, which means you can play on one device and continue playing on another device where you left off. This feature enables you to move your characters, weapons, and other progress-related items between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Cross-play support is one of the most anticipated features in Destiny 2. Even though it’s not available yet, Bungie’s efforts to incorporate cross-play in the game demonstrate their commitment to enhancing the gameplay experience for their fans. We hope this subsection has provided you with valuable information regarding cross-platform co-op in Destiny 2. Keep an eye on Bungie’s updates for more information on cross-play support, and until then, enjoy playing on your preferred device!

Does Destiny Have a Co-Op Campaign

Destiny is a massively popular first-person shooter video game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Players can engage in various activities, such as raids, strikes, and competitive multiplayer matches. However, many players wonder if Destiny has a co-op campaign.

In short, yes, Destiny has a co-op campaign that players can partake in. Players can join up with friends and tackle the game’s story mode together as a team. Here are some important facts about the co-op campaign in Destiny:

Co-Op Campaign Features

  • Destiny’s co-op campaign mode is called “Fireteam.”
  • Players can team up with two other players to form a fireteam.
  • Fireteams can tackle the entirety of Destiny’s story mode missions and quests, including expansions.
  • Because the game is a first-person shooter, players must work together to utilize their abilities and weapons most effectively to defeat enemies.

Tips for Playing Destiny Co-Op Campaign

  • Communication is key. Make sure to communicate with your fireteam to coordinate attacks and stay aware of each other’s whereabouts.
  • Make use of each fireteam member’s unique abilities. Different classes in Destiny have unique abilities and perks that can come in handy in various situations.
  • Plan and strategize in advance. Before starting a mission, make sure to discuss tactics with your fireteam to ensure the best chance of success.
  • Adjust the difficulty level based on your fireteam’s skill level. Destiny’s fireteam mode allows players to change the difficulty level, so if you’re struggling, try lowering the difficulty until you feel comfortable.

Destiny’s co-op campaign is an engaging and exciting way to experience the game’s story mode with friends. Working together as a fireteam to defeat enemies and complete missions is a thrilling and rewarding experience. Remember to communicate, strategize, and have fun while playing.

Can You Play Destiny 2 Split Screen

If you’re looking to play Destiny 2 with a friend or family member, you may be wondering whether you can play split screen. Unfortunately, the answer is no – Destiny 2 does not support split screen gameplay.

This can be disappointing for players who were hoping to share the experience with someone else in the same room. However, there are still a few options available if you want to play Destiny 2 with someone else:

Option 1: Play Online Together

While you can’t play split screen, you can still play Destiny 2 with someone else online. You’ll need two separate consoles or computers and an internet connection, but you can join up together in a fireteam and work towards your goals in the game. This is a great way to engage in cooperative gameplay from the comfort of your own homes.

Option 2: Switch Off Playing

Another option is to take turns playing the game. This can work well for players who don’t mind waiting and have plenty of time to share. Simply switch off playing the game on one console or computer, and take turns navigating through the game’s levels and challenges. It’s not the same as split screen, but it can still be a fun way to share the experience.

Option 3: Use a Remote Desktop Connection

For players who have more technical knowledge, it’s possible to use a remote desktop connection to play Destiny 2 on two different computers. This can be a bit complicated to set up, and there may be some lag depending on your internet connection, but it’s another way to share the game with someone else.

While it’s unfortunate that Destiny 2 doesn’t support split screen gameplay, there are still ways to enjoy the game with someone else. Whether you choose to play together online, switch off playing, or use a remote desktop connection, you can still have fun exploring the vast world of Destiny 2 with a friend or family member.

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