Comprehensive Guide to Understanding CHAdeMO to J1772 Adapter

Are you struggling with finding the right charging adapter for your electric vehicle? Have you considered the CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter? This adapter not only allows you to charge your vehicle efficiently, but it also provides more charging options.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter. We’ll be diving into the technical aspect of the adapter and answering the most common questions about it.

First off, let’s define what CHAdeMO and J1772 charger connectors are. CHAdeMO is a DC charger plug used for fast charging of electric vehicles, while J1772 is a standard plug used in the US for level 2 charging. Both charger connectors are essential for charging electric vehicles.

If you’re wondering whether CHAdeMO is compatible with J1772, the answer is no. However, with a CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter, you can enjoy the benefits of both chargers. This allows for more convenient charging options, especially on long road trips.

But how about the compatibility of CCS and J1772 adapter? And why is the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter so expensive? Stay tuned to our blog post to find out the answers to these questions and more. We’ll also discuss how to use a CHAdeMO charger and the benefits of having a CHAdeMO to CCS adapter.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether the CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter is the right option for you. So, let’s get started!

J1772 to CHAdeMO Adapter

If you own an electric vehicle, you know the importance of being able to charge your vehicle quickly and easily. Unfortunately, not all charging stations are created equal, and some only offer one type of plug. This can be frustrating if your vehicle requires a different type of plug. Luckily, there is a solution – the J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter.

What is a J1772 to CHAdeMO Adapter

A J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter is a device that allows electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles at charging stations that offer CHAdeMO plugs. This adapter converts the J1772 plug on your electric vehicle to a CHAdeMO plug, allowing you to charge your vehicle at any CHAdeMO charging station.

How Does it Work

The J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter works by converting the signals from the charging station’s CHAdeMO plug to the J1772 plug on your electric vehicle. This allows your vehicle to communicate with the charging station and begin charging.

Why Do I Need a J1772 to CHAdeMO Adapter

There are several reasons why you may need a J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter, including:

  • Limited Charging Options: If you live in an area with limited charging options, a J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter can expand your charging options by allowing you to charge your vehicle at any CHAdeMO charging station.
  • Long-Distance Travel: If you plan on taking a long-distance trip in your electric vehicle, a J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter can be useful, as it allows you to charge your vehicle at any CHAdeMO charging station along your route.
  • Emergency Situations: If you have a J1772 electric vehicle and find yourself in an emergency situation where the only charging station available has a CHAdeMO plug, a J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter can be a lifesaver.

Benefits of the J1772 to CHAdeMO Adapter

Some of the benefits of the J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter include:

  • Additional Charging Options: The adapter allows J1772 electric vehicle owners to have access to a wider range of charging options, making charging more convenient.
  • Long-Distance Travel: The adapter makes it possible for J1772 electric vehicle owners to take long-distance trips by allowing them to charge at any CHAdeMO charging station.
  • Emergency Situations: The adapter provides a safety net for J1772 electric vehicle owners by allowing them to charge at any CHAdeMO charging station in case of an emergency.

In conclusion, the J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter is a must-have accessory for any electric vehicle owner. It provides additional charging options, makes long-distance travel possible, and can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. If you’re a J1772 electric vehicle owner, it’s worth considering purchasing a J1772 to CHAdeMO adapter.

Chademo to CCS Adapter: A Comprehensive Guide

As we all know, the electric vehicle market is steadily growing, with new technologies and standards making their way into the scene. One of the biggest challenges faced by electric vehicle owners is the compatibility of charging stations, leading to the development of adapters that can bridge the gap between incompatible charging standards.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at a specific type of adapter, the Chademo to CCS adapter, and how it can make a difference in your charging experience.

Understanding the Chademo to CCS Adapter

What is Chademo?

Chademo is a rapid charging standard that was developed by a group of major automakers from Japan. It stands for “Charge de Move” and is known for its high charging speeds of up to 50 kW, making it one of the fastest charging standards available today.

What is CCS?

CCS (Combined Charging System) is a modern charging standard developed by German and American automakers. It combines both AC and DC charging into a single plug, allowing for both fast and slow charging capabilities.

What is a Chademo to CCS Adapter?

A Chademo to CCS adapter is a device that allows for the conversion of a Chademo charging plug to a CCS-type charging plug, or vice versa. It allows electric vehicle owners to use both types of charging stations, regardless of their vehicle’s charging standard.

Benefits of Using a Chademo to CCS Adapter


One of the most significant benefits of using a Chademo to CCS adapter is compatibility. This adapter eliminates the need to have a vehicle with a specific charging standard, making it possible for electric vehicle owners to use any charging station available.


The availability of charging stations is a primary concern for electric vehicle owners when planning a trip. With a Chademo to CCS adapter, you can charge your vehicle at any station, reducing the worry about finding a station with your vehicle’s charging standard.


Investing in a Chademo to CCS adapter is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new electric vehicle to match the charging standard. The cost of the adapter is significantly lower than buying a new electric car, making it an affordable option for those who want to access all available charging stations.

In conclusion, a Chademo to CCS adapter is an excellent investment for all electric vehicle owners to maximize the utilization of charging stations. It’s an affordable, convenient, and practical solution to bridge the compatibility gap between different charging standards. Start experiencing the benefits of a Chademo to CCS adapter today and have the freedom to charge your electric vehicle anywhere.

From Tesla to J1772 Adapter

When it comes to electric vehicles (EVs), there are different charging standards available in the market. Tesla is one of those brands that have adopted their unique charging standard named Tesla connector. It means that Tesla owners couldn’t use charging stations that follow other charging standards unless they buy an adapter.

Here comes the Tesla to J1772 adapter, which allows Tesla owners to charge their cars with public charging stations that follow the J1772 charging standard. Here are some important things to know about the adapter:

What is a Tesla to J1772 adapter

A Tesla to J1772 adapter is a device that connects the Tesla charging port to a J1772 charging plug. The adapter has a Tesla connector on one end and a J1772 plug on the other end.

How does the adapter work

To use the adapter, insert the J1772 plug into the adapter and then plug the adapter into the Tesla charging port. Once plugged, the adapter converts the J1772 signal to a signal that the Tesla onboard charger could understand. After that, you could start charging your Tesla with the public J1772 charging stations.

Does Tesla sell an official adapter

Yes, Tesla sells an official Tesla to J1772 adapter that costs around $239. You could purchase it via the Tesla online store or a Tesla service center.

Are there any third-party adapters available

Yes, there are third-party Tesla to J1772 adapters available in the market. Some of the available brands are EVSE add-ons, Quick Charge Power, and BougeRV. However, it’s important to ensure that the adapter you buy is compatible with your Tesla model and meets safety standards.

Pros and Cons of using the adapter


  • Enables Tesla owners to charge their cars with public J1772 charging stations
  • Widens the charging options for Tesla owners
  • Reduces reliance on Tesla’s proprietary charging stations


  • Adds an extra step to the charging process
  • Adapters could be expensive
  • Not all third-party adapters are compatible with all Tesla models

In conclusion, if you are a Tesla owner and plan to travel extensively, purchasing a Tesla to J1772 adapter is a smart decision. It provides flexibility and convenience in charging your Tesla wherever J1772 charging stations are available. However, it is also essential to be careful when buying third-party adapters and ensure they meet the safety standards to avoid any damage to your Tesla.

What is a Chademo Charger

If you are a proud owner of an electric vehicle (EV) and looking for a fast way to recharge your car’s battery, you must have come across the term Chademo Charger. But, what is Chademo Charger, and how it differs from other types of electric vehicle chargers? Here are a few key points you should know about Chademo Chargers:

  • CHAdeMO stands for “Charge de Move,” which is a fast charging method for EVs developed in Japan by multiple companies, including Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Toyota.
  • A Chademo Charger is a DC fast charger that is capable of charging an EV battery up to 80% in less than 30 minutes, provided your car supports the Chademo standard.
  • Chademo Charger uses a unique plug-in system with two types of connectors: one for charging and the other for communications.
  • Unlike other EV fast chargers, Chademo Chargers can also be used as a power source for non-vehicle applications, such as energy storage systems or bi-directional power flow.

In summary, a Chademo Charger is a fast and efficient way to charge your electric vehicle powered by the Chademo standard, which is widely used in Japan and some parts of Europe. Having one of these chargers installed makes it easy for you to recharge your car’s battery and get back on the road in no time.

How to Use a CHAdeMO Charger

If you’re driving an electric car, you’re likely familiar with the two main charging standards: CHAdeMO and J1772. While J1772 is popular in North America, CHAdeMO is more common in Japan and Europe. If you find yourself in an area with only CHAdeMO chargers available, don’t worry. In this section, we’ll go over how to use a CHAdeMO charger with step-by-step instructions.

Checking Your Car’s Compatibility

Before you begin charging, it’s essential to check if your car is compatible with CHAdeMO chargers. Most new electric cars come with built-in CHAdeMO ports, but some older models might require an adapter. A CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter can be used to connect the charging ports if your car has a J1772 port. It’s crucial to check your owner’s manual or with your car manufacturer to ensure compatibility before attempting to charge.

Connecting to the Charger

Once you’ve verified your car’s compatibility, you can begin charging by following these steps:

  1. Locate a CHAdeMO charger. You can find these chargers at public charging stations or select dealerships.
  2. Pull your car up to the charger and park in the designated space.
  3. Remove the charger’s dust cover and plug the CHAdeMO connector into your car’s port.
  4. Make sure the connection is secure and lock it into place by turning the connector a quarter turn clockwise.
  5. Power on the charger by following the instructions on the screen or pushing the power button.
  6. Wait for the charging process to begin. Some chargers may require you to initiate charging manually.
  7. Monitor your car’s charging progress using the charger’s display or mobile app.

Tips for a Successful Charge

To ensure a successful charge, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid overcharging by setting a target charge limit.
  • Don’t charge the battery to full capacity unless necessary, as it can reduce the battery’s lifespan.
  • Monitor the charging progress and unplug once your car has reached the desired charge level.
  • Always lock the connector in place to ensure a secure connection.
  • If the charger appears to be malfunctioning, contact the charging network’s customer support for assistance.

In conclusion, using a CHAdeMO charger is a straightforward process that can provide a quick and efficient charging experience for electric car owners. By following these steps and tips, you can ensure a smooth and successful charge every time.

Is There an Adapter for CHAdeMO

If you are a proud owner of an electric vehicle (EV), then you have undoubtedly heard of CHAdeMO and its counterpart, J1772. Both of these charging standards allow you to charge your EV through a specific connector type. Unfortunately, if your EV’s charging standard is CHAdeMO, and the charging station only supports J1772, you might be asking yourself, is there an adapter available for CHAdeMO?

The good news is that yes, there is an adapter available for CHAdeMO. But, before we dive into the details, let’s take a closer look at what CHAdeMO is and why you might use it.

What is CHAdeMO

CHAdeMO is arguably the most popular DC fast charging standard for electric vehicles worldwide. Its name stands for “CHArge de MOve,” which is a clever acronym designed to convey the idea of “charging for moving.” CHAdeMO is a Japanese standard developed by Tokyo Electric Power Company and the automobile industry in Japan, and it is commonly used by Japanese EV manufacturers such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.

The CHAdeMO to J1772 Adapter

If you own an electric vehicle with a CHAdeMO charging port, but you do not have access to a CHAdeMO charging station, an adapter that allows you to use a standard J1772 charging station becomes necessary. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can buy a CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter from various manufacturers that will make it possible to use any charging station that is compatible with the J1772 charging standard.

How Does it Work

The adapter is straightforward to use. After plugging the adapter into the J1772 charging station’s connector, you plug your EV’s CHAdeMO connector into the adapter. Once this is done, the adapter’s electronics will convert the station’s AC charge into the DC charge that’s compatible with your EV’s CHAdeMO charging standard. The adapter’s internal electronics also handle the communication between the EV and the charging station to ensure that the charging process is secure, and the battery is charging correctly.

Key Takeaways

  • CHAdeMO is a popular charging standard for EVs developed by Japanese EV manufacturers.
  • An adapter that can convert the J1772 charging standard into CHAdeMO satisfies the need for EV owners to access charging stations.
  • CHAdeMO to J1772 adapters allow EV owners to connect their vehicles to public charging stations that only have J1772 connectors.

In conclusion, if you are an EV owner and you need a solution to connect your CHAdeMO-compatible EV to a J1772 charging station, a CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter is the perfect solution. With an adapter, you won’t have to worry about the availability of the charging station or the types of connectors it has. Just plug in the adapter, and you are good to go.

How to Charge Your Tesla Using a CHAdeMO to J1772 Adapter

If you own a Tesla and happen to be on a road trip, there’s a possibility that you might run out of charge before the next Supercharger station. One alternative is to charge using a CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter, which can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in a pinch. To get started, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Purchase a CHAdeMO to J1772 Adapter

The first thing you need to do is to purchase a CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter. You can buy one online or at a Tesla service center.

Step 2: Find a CHAdeMO Charging Station

Next, you’ll need to find a CHAdeMO charging station. You can search for one on websites like PlugShare or Electrify America. Once you’ve found a charging station, make sure that it’s compatible with CHAdeMO charging protocol and that it has the voltage and amperage levels that your Tesla can handle.

Step 3: Connect the Adapter

Connect the CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter to your Tesla’s charging port. The adapter should fit snugly, and you should hear a click once it’s properly connected.

Step 4: Start Charging

Follow the instructions on the CHAdeMO charging station screen to start charging. The charging speed will depend on various factors, including the amperage level of the station, the state of your Tesla’s battery, and the outside temperature.

Step 5: Monitor Charging

While your Tesla is charging, you can monitor the progress through the Tesla mobile app or on the dashboard screen. Keep in mind that CHAdeMO charging may not be as fast as Supercharging, but it can still be a convenient option for topping up your battery.

Key Takeaways:

  • A CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter can be a useful tool when charging your Tesla on the road.
  • You can purchase an adapter online or at a Tesla service center.
  • Use websites like PlugShare or Electrify America to find compatible CHAdeMO charging stations.
  • Follow the instructions on the charging station screen to start charging.
  • Monitor the charging progress through the Tesla mobile app or on the dashboard screen.

By following these simple steps, you can effectively use a CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter to charge your Tesla and keep your road trip moving smoothly.

Is CHAdeMO Compatible with J1772

If you are an electric car owner, you may have noticed that different EV models come with varying charging ports, making it sometimes challenging to charge your vehicle at different charging stations. One of the most common issues is the incompatibility between CHAdeMO and J1772 charging ports. Here, we will explain what CHAdeMO and J1772 are and whether they are compatible.

What is CHAdeMO

CHAdeMO (CHArge de MOve) is a type of DC fast charging station primarily used by Japanese electric cars, including Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and Kia Soul EV. CHAdeMO can deliver a charging rate of up to 62.5 kW and fully charge an EV battery in less than an hour.

What is J1772

J1772 is an industry-standard Level 2 charging connector used by EVs manufactured by American and European automakers, including Tesla, BMW, and Ford. J1772 charging stations can deliver up to 19.2 kW charging rate and can fully charge an EV battery in a few hours.

Are CHAdeMO and J1772 compatible

In short, no. CHAdeMO and J1772 use different connectors, making it impossible to charge an EV with a CHAdeMO cable on a J1772 charging station or vice versa. However, some EV manufacturers offer a CHAdeMO to J1772 adapter, allowing you to charge your EV at a J1772 station with the right adapter. Some adapters can also work the other way around, allowing you to use a J1772 cable to charge your EV on a CHAdeMO charging station.

Key Takeaways

  • CHAdeMO and J1772 are two different charging standards used in EVs.
  • CHAdeMO is primarily used by Japanese EVs, while J1772 is an industry-standard used by American and European manufacturers.
  • CHAdeMO and J1772 are not compatible due to their different connectors.
  • Manufacturers may offer an adapter for CHAdeMO to J1772 charging or the other way around.
  • Always make sure to check the charging station’s compatibility and your EV’s charging port before plugging in your vehicle.

In conclusion, CHAdeMO and J1772 are not compatible, but you can use an adapter to charge your EV at a different charging station. It’s always crucial to check your EV’s charging port and the compatibility of the charging station before plugging in your vehicle. We hope this article has been insightful, and you now understand the differences between CHAdeMO and J1772, and whether they are compatible. Happy charging!

Does CCS Adapter Work With J1772

If you’re a Tesla owner or a driver of electric vehicles, you may have heard of CCS and J1772 adapters. These adapters help expand the charging options available to electric vehicle owners. However, figuring out which adapter is compatible with which charging option can be confusing. In this subsection, we’ll dive into whether a CCS adapter works with J1772 and what you need to know to make sure you’re using the right adapter for your vehicle.

Understanding CCS and J1772 Adapters

Before we dive into compatibility, let’s first understand what these adapters are.

  • CCS Adapter: The CCS (Combined Charging System) is a fast-charging standard supported by most electric vehicles from European and American manufacturers. A CCS adapter allows you to charge your car at CCS-compatible charging stations.
  • J1772 Adapter: The J1772 (SAE J1772) is a standard widely used by charging stations in the United States and Japan. An adapter compatible with J1772 allows you to charge your electric vehicle using Level 2 charging stations in North America.

Compatibility of CCS Adapter with J1772

Now, let’s get to the question at hand: Does a CCS adapter work with J1772?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. CCS and J1772 are not compatible with each other. A CCS adapter is not meant to work with J1772 charging stations. These two charging standards are fundamentally different in terms of their design and use different types of electrical connectors that are not compatible with each other.

If you try to connect a CCS adapter to a J1772 charging station, it won’t work. Similarly, a J1772 adapter won’t work with CCS-compatible charging stations. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have the correct adapter for the charging station you plan to use.

Choosing the Right Adapter

To ensure compatibility, you need to match the charging station’s connector type with the adapter’s connector type.

  • If you’re using a CCS-compatible charging station, you’ll need a CCS adapter.
  • If you’re charging at a J1772 Level 2 charging station, you’ll need a J1772 adapter.

It’s important to double-check the charging station you plan to use and the correct adapter needed for your vehicle before heading out to your next charging station.

Key Takeaways

  • CCS and J1772 adapters serve different standards and are not interchangeable.
  • A CCS adapter is not meant to work with J1772 charging stations.
  • To ensure compatibility, match the charging station’s connector type with the adapter’s connector type.
  • Double-check the charging station and the correct adapter required for your car before heading out to avoid any confusion.

In conclusion, using the correct adapter is crucial to make sure you get a fast, reliable, and safe charge for your electric vehicle. By knowing the differences between CCS and J1772 adapters, you’ll be one step closer to expanding your charging options for your electric vehicle.

Is There a Chademo to J1772 Adapter

If you’re an EV owner, you’ve probably come across the terms Chademo and J1772. These are two popular types of charging connectors that are not interchangeable, which can be frustrating if you come across a charging station with the wrong connector. However, fear not, a Chademo to J1772 adapter exists.

What is a Chademo to J1772 Adapter

A Chademo to J1772 adapter is a device that allows your EV with Chademo connector to charge using a J1772 charging station. It acts as a bridge between the different charging standards, making it possible for EV owners to access a broader range of charging infrastructures.

Where Can I Find a Chademo to J1772 Adapter

Chademo to J1772 adapters are not widely available due to the relatively high cost of the adapter. However, here are the three ways you can get one:

  1. Purchase one online – Many online vendors sell Chademo to J1772 adapters, and you can easily find them with a simple search.
  2. Rent or borrow an adapter – If you’re on a budget, renting or borrowing a Chademo to J1772 adapter could be an excellent option for you. Some EV enthusiasts and charging station owners have created a network where people can rent or borrow adapters.
  3. Use a charging station with a built-in adapter – Some charging stations have built-in adapters that allow Chademo-equipped vehicles to charge using J1772 connectors.

Things to Consider Before Buying or Renting a Chademo to J1772 Adapter

Before buying or renting a Chademo to J1772 adapter, here are some key things you should consider:

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the adapter you choose is compatible with your EV model and the charging station you are likely to use.
  • Cost: Chademo to J1772 adapters are not cheap. Be prepared to pay upwards of $300 for a decent one.
  • Warranty: Look for an adapter with a warranty to protect you in case of manufacturer defects or failures.
  • Safety: Ensure that the adapter you choose meets safety standards and certifications.

In conclusion, owning a Chademo to J1772 adapter can save you a lot of headaches when using public charging stations that do not have a matching connector. While the initial cost may be high, the convenience and flexibility that an adapter provides are worth the investment for frequent EV drivers.

Why is the Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter So Expensive

Tesla is known for producing high-quality electric vehicles that appeal to a wide range of customers. However, when it comes to their CHAdeMO adapter, many people question why the price is so high. Here are some possible reasons:

Limited Supply and High Demand

  • Tesla produces the CHAdeMO adapter in limited quantities, which makes it difficult for them to keep up with demand.
  • The adapter is highly sought after by Tesla Model S and Model X owners who want to use public chargers that use the CHAdeMO standard.

Advanced Technology

  • The Tesla CHAdeMO adapter contains advanced technology that allows it to work seamlessly with Tesla’s charging system.
  • This technology comes at a cost and is reflected in the adapter’s price.

Quality Standards

  • Tesla’s commitment to quality is evident in all their products, including the CHAdeMO adapter.
  • To ensure the highest level of quality possible, the adapter undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before it is released for sale.
  • These quality standards add to the overall cost of the adapter.

Warranty and Support

  • Tesla offers a limited warranty on the CHAdeMO adapter, which provides peace of mind to customers in case of any defects or malfunctions.
  • Additionally, Tesla’s customer support team is always available to assist customers with any questions or issues they may have with the adapter.

In conclusion, while the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter may seem expensive, there are valid reasons why the price is high. Limited supply and high demand, advanced technology, quality standards, and warranty and support all contribute to the adapter’s overall cost. Despite its price, the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter remains a popular and reliable accessory for Tesla owners who want to use public chargers that use the CHAdeMO standard.

J1772 Adapter vs. CCS Adapter: What’s the Difference

As electric vehicles become more popular, the number of charging stations continues to grow. However, some charging stations may use different plug types, which can be confusing. Two of the most common adapter types are the J1772 adapter and the CCS adapter. Although they look similar, they serve different purposes. Let’s explore the differences between the two:

J1772 Adapter

  • The J1772 adapter is commonly used in North America and is a standard for Level 2 charging.
  • J1772 adapters can be used for non-Tesla vehicles, including Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt.
  • The J1772 adapter does not support Level 3 charging, also known as DC fast charging, which can charge a car in as little as 30 minutes.

CCS (Combined Charging System) Adapter

  • The CCS adapter is an evolution of the J1772 and is commonly used in Europe and Asia.
  • The CCS adapter supports both Level 2 and Level 3 charging.
  • CCS adapters can be used with both non-Tesla and Tesla vehicles that have a CCS port, including the BMW i3 and the Volkswagen e-Golf.

In summary, the main difference between a J1772 adapter and a CCS adapter is that the CCS adapter can charge at Level 3, which is faster than the J1772 adapter. If you plan to travel long distances with your EV and need to stop and charge frequently, you may benefit from a CCS adapter. However, if you only need to charge your car at home or work, a J1772 adapter may be a more cost-effective option.

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